Oct 27 2016

A Non-Medical Solution to the 30% Increase in Type 2 Diabetes in Youth

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Vol. 385, October 27, 2016 – A Non-Medical Solution to the 30% Increase in Type 2 Diabetes in Youth

Since 2002 there has been a 30% increase in type 2 diabetes in children from 10 to 19 years of age. There are many reasons for this including the terrible “Frankin” food” we give our kids, both pre-packaged and fast foods, the pesticides and antibiotics in the food supply, and the total lack of exercise most kids are experiencing. There is also the issue of medicating our kids from normal emotional expression, as well as, giving them amphetamines to keep them sedate in school, quite contrary to the natural need especially for young boys to explore and expend their healthy energy.

If we don’t take care of our kids, they are bound to end up with all sorts of systemic illnesses due to their diabetes, at much younger ages then what was the norm for what used to be known as “adult onset diabetes.”

Here’s the thing: Type 2 diabetes IS reversible. That is if we actually work on the underlying reasons why the diabetes is present. It has less to do with keeping sugar levels under control, and more to do with appetite control, while stopping the leaching of all the water soluble nutrients, that occurs with the excessive urination from the diabetes.

If a person stays on medication that is given to “manage” the diabetes the gruesome statistics are in:

  1. Mayo Clinic researchers have finally stated what the medical literature have been saying for a very long time: physicians have been sold a bundle of lies on the benefits of drugs like metormin, in the altering the course of Type 2 diabetes. Reason: altering the blood sugar numbers has little to do with the progression of the disease.
  1. Drugs prescribed require higher doses as resistance to them comes into play, associating them with early death compared to those who are never treated for their Type 2 diabetes.
  1. Newer drugs like pioglitazone (Actose) and rosglitazone (Avanda) appear to be extremely dangerous associated with significant weight gain, the opposite response to what diabetics require.
  1. The ACCORD Trial showed the tight control over glycemic index as measured by the A1C glycosylated hemoglobin blood sugar control through medication alone all cause mortality to INCREASE by 26% and increased mortality by 45%.

Dr. Mercola explains the role of the hormone leptin needing to be produced to control appetite which works in concert with insulin release.

Dr. Julian Whitiker explains that diabetes is really a “nutritional wasting disease” as explained above through the leaching of water soluble nutrients through the frequent urination.

Dr. Rosedale speaks of Type 3 diabetes, Alzheimer’s in 2005 was dubbed Type 3 diabetes when researchers learned that your brain ALSO produces insulin, necessary for the survival of your brain cells. Insulin is a “master multi-tasker” helping with neuron glucose uptake, regulating the neurotransmitters like acetylcholine, necessary for memory and learning. Those with Type 2 diabetes also show more loss of brain volume with age especially in the brain matter. Dr. Rosedale believes that it is the decrease in insulin in the brain that is causing the degeneration of the neurodegenerative diseases such as glaucoma – an irreversible blinding disorder.

Jerry Kein, a hypnotist in practice for 50 years, noted that people who had held regret and resentment toward those they loved, seemed to become diabetic.

So, given all the health problems that can come about as a result of Type 2 diabetes, and I didn’t even go into the problems with blood circulation causing the non-healing of ulcers that bring on gout ending with amputation of legs. Or the neuropathy, or the heart, lung and kidney failure, all that cause death secondary to the diabetes itself.

Now that you better understand what is truly going on physiologically in you kid’s body, don’t you believe it is time you actually learned, with your child, what truly needs to change, so that your kid has a decent chance at living a normal life span, healthy and happy. being cleared of Type 2 diabetes?

Because the sad truth is, that most conventionally trained doctors have no idea that this is what is behind the development and therefore healing of diabetes. I gave a presentation on this exact information with 13 health care professionals, two of them medical doctors, and none of them knew any of this information. And, these were medical professionals open to complimentary healing methods. So, you know that the majority of conventionally trained medical professionals will follow whatever the conventional wisdom is, pushing the deadly so-called medication at their patients believing that this is the best treatment for them.

Except, for one hard to accept fact. Their patients are not getting any better, given the statistics above, more of them are dying from this disease through their treatment, then if they were never treated at all.

So, you aren’t going to learn how to reverse diabetes by going to your conventional doctors. However, you can indeed reverse this terrible disease before it ravishes your child’s health, maybe to the point of premature death.

I have over 30 years working in the field of health, and over 14 years of working in the hypnotic arts. Given all this knowledge, your child can safely reverse their diabetes through eating the correct foods, and getting a bit more activity into their lives. This is completely safe and effective, and your doctor will watch before his or her own very eyes, as you kid regains the health a kid ought to have, living a “normal” life, once again.

I am offering this special retreat for you, the parents and your diabetic child, so everyone is on the same page. It has been proven over decades of studies that the environment that we live in, needs to be conducive to allow for the necessary changes to take place. This is why I want both parents if this is a 2 parent family or the parent and the child, if this is a single parent family to ALL take part together in this retreat.

We are going to go to a very spiritual place where we will be able to get in touch with our inner wisdom, intuitive knowing and higher consciousness to help us more easily make the necessary changes to bring health back to your diabetic kid. The side-effects for the parents are much better eating habits, an increased desire for more fun activity. And, best of all, you may even find yourself getting emotionally closer to one another as a direct result of this retreat.

Given the severity of the situation we are dealing with, I am limiting this retreat to just 36 families.

The cost for this 3 day retreat for up to 3 people is $1,500 plus the cost for travel, hotel and food. There will be an extra VIP Day offered on Monday, for those who would like a deeper delving into the your personal healing processes for an extra $279 per family.

A deposit of $500 is required to hold your place for this ultimate life changing experience for your family. The retreat is going to take place during the 2nd weekend in February in Southern California – the exact location is still being worked out.

For more information and to see if your family is a good fit for this truly unique retreat, please call Suzanne Kellner-Zinck at 781-315-1719.

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