Jun 22 2017

How To Help Heal Our Servicemen & Women in the Military

How to Help Heal Our Servicemen & Service Women in the Military – Vol. 418, June 22, 2017

I attended an outstanding seminar brought to the local hospital to teach mental health professionals how to best help our returning military personnel. I knew I was interested in this topic, not so much because I would be working with them, but, because even when I offered free services, I couldn’t get any servicemen to work with me to clear his anxiety and post-traumatic stress. This presentation by six people who had served in the U.S. Military, five of whom work with fellow servicemen and women, offering mental health services explained why.

The first thing that we were taught was that there were a few reasons why veterans would not be willing to seek out help from someone like me, a non-service member. First, among them was that they want to be treated by someone who is like them, a veteran. Veterans not only share the harsh reality of having to rely on one another to save their lives in very difficult circumstances of war, they are also very detail oriented, and never say “I can’t.”

Alcohol is normalized as part of the culture where beer on Friday is brought by the commander.
Additionally, self-medication through prescription painkillers, sleep medication, even using other peoples’ prescriptions is the norm. Dual diagnosis forms in some of the population.

Other then the obvious situation of being in a theater of war and all that encompasses, there are other very real problems that those who serve in the military face.

Ron Gellis, Navy Psychologist spoke of his own daughter having been sexually assaulted while she served in the military. She was self-medicating her trauma and overdosed on pain medication.

Those 22 suicides a day that occurs represent both men and woman in military service. Military sexual trauma is reported by 25% of the women who served, those between the ages of 18 and 29 being the highest component. Reported trauma includes rape and sexual harassment. More men are sexually traumatized than women, though women are a higher proportion affected by sexual abuse. Unfortunately, those who experienced sexual traumas can have issues with intimacy after they leave the military, derailing healthy sexual development.

According to Dr. Gellis, the moment a woman is sworn into service she is behind “enemy lines” because the perpetrator in many cases is her commanding officer. When she does report what is happening, she is asked whether she thinks this is a joke and is told that she made the whole thing up.

If the sexually assaulted service person is at all listened to, the most she can expect is to be transferred to another unit, without any consequences to the perpetrator.

There is also a huge issue if a military person is in the secret service or a pilot. If this person gets mental health services, their whole career could be lost. They are seen as unable to be stable enough to make the necessary decisions of a person with that sort of responsibility. This according to, Robert, who was speaking from the perspective of receiving the help required after he left the service. He was in special operations.

These service members were closed off from dealing with these issues while in the military, valuing their careers more than getting the help they needed for their post-traumatic stress disorder. The end result is that we have a very high number of drug-addicted, mentally ill people returning from the military. Many of them become homeless unable to adapt to civilian life.

An American Indian who is recovering from alcoholism and drug abuse also presented at this meeting. He said that he tried all sorts of ways to heal his alcoholism and P.T.S.D. However, it was when he went back to the ancient healing methods of his people that he was able to truly heal. He has been asked by many different mental health agencies to teach them his manner of healing so they can integrate it into their patient care. With the use of the philosophy of living with respect toward the other creatures of the earth, using herbs, meditations, and unconditional love, much healing is to be had.

There was another service member whose message was just that, unconditional love and acceptance was the number one thing that helped him heal from his traumas from the military.

When clinicians work with military service people they need to get a deep family history to find out if there is any mental illness or drug or alcohol abuse or addiction going on there. They also need to find out what sorts of mental health issues other family members may have experienced to better know what they are looking at in the form of symptoms.

Most of all, one needs to realize that the experience of a military person is going to be different from someone who has never served. It doesn’t mean that one can’t help a service person heal. However, one needs to be very sensitive to the manner of thinking of these folks and learn from them what they need in regard to their own healing. They will need to be forced to look at the negative experiences and those things they did to not feel those negative experiences. Because in the end, it is only when one is willing to do the work necessary to let go of the mental health and chemical abuses that they will ever find any healing. The Veteran’s Administration is far too overburdened to help all the veterans and service people they are supposed to serve. However, the good news is that the Veteran’s Administration is implementing more forms of complementary healing for their members to better help them to overcome their military service scars.

Photo by Official U.S. Navy Imagery

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Jun 21 2017

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Jun 20 2017

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Jun 19 2017

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Jun 19 2017

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Jun 15 2017

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Jun 15 2017

Dealing With Paranoid People

Dealing With Paranoid People – Vol. 417, June 15, 2017

The other day I was called by an acquaintance to help her out of a difficult situation. She had just had an operation to take care of her hernia, and was released to her aunt’s place. The only problem was that it was the aunt’s boyfriend’s place and he didn’t want her there really. So, after being there for two nights she was told that she needed to leave.

She called to ask me to take her to the same hospital where her operation was done the next morning, to see if they would admit her for recuperative care, meaning that she could stay there for a few days till the incision healed and to make sure she was okay, not having a place to live.

We were able to get to see a social worker, based on the advise given by a worker that we both know. Unfortunately, this woman said many negative things during her time at the hospital including telling the admissions woman at the emergency room that she could sue them for releasing her too soon.

When the social worker came, she was very rude and in her face about not wanting to repeatedly answer the same questions she was already asked by others. I tried to get the social worker to understand that this woman was a paranoid by telling the patient that she needed to trust that this social worker, so she could help her if she would give the social worker the opportunity. At that point she got very upset with me, so I just left, telling her that since she wanted to handle it on her own, she didn’t need me to be there and upset her. So, I left.

Sadly, she was not admitted for care. I really have no idea where she ended up because she didn’t text me, though she was told by a doctor that the way to get admitted was to claim that she was suicidal. That wasn’t a method she wanted to use, but maybe she did. Since I haven’t heard from her in over 24 hours when she was texting and calling me relentlessly prior, maybe she did get into a psych ward where she doesn’t have access to her cell phone.

The reason I am telling you this story is to let you know that people who are paranoid do indeed act out mainly because they are fearful. They are fearful of everything. This woman spoke often of “they are doing” whatever it was that she thought they were doing to hurt her or me or anyone that she cared about. I never got a good idea of who the “they” were that she was referring to, because there isn’t anyone specifically. It is a general feeling that no one is to be trusted. And, in the end even though I did my best to be supportive of her, taking her to breakfast before driving her to the hospital, she didn’t want anything to do with my advocacy for her. One can only do the best one can do with any given situation.

Years ago I worked in a social program for mentally ill adults and there was a woman there in her 40s who was also paranoid. She thought that people in planes were watching her, that a woman in a white car was after her and that an anchorman speaking to his co-anchor named Kathy, was speaking to her, because this client was named Kathy too. The best help I could be to her, was to remind her that she wasn’t that important for these people to know who she was, never mind watching her and speaking to her. This calmed her down and she thanked me many times for bringing her back to reality.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t do the same with this other acquaintance, because she doesn’t think of herself as a “paranoid” and I don’t work with her as a mental health counselor. However, this is indeed what a great deal of her troubles are in life.
So, if you ever have to deal with a paranoid, someone who believes others are out to get them, are spying on them, and will hurt them if given the chance, you need to stay calm. Never take their upset personally. It is about their own fears, and has little to do with you, if anything. Understand that sometimes you can calm them down and sometimes you can’t. If you aren’t being paid to work with them and if they don’t think of themselves as suffering from paranoia, you NEVER tell them that you believe they are paranoid, because that will make a hard situation much worse. They will get very defensive and angry with you. The best you can do is try to allay their fears as best you can. After that, there is not much more you can do. It is a sad reality of the condition. And, no, I would never hypnotize a paranoid. They would never trust me or the process enough to allow it to do any good.

Photo by Myk Martinez

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