Mar 27 2017

188: Gratitude For Getting What You Ask For.

Being grateful is one of the most powerful methods to create and keep a positive mindset. Master Hypnotist Suzanne Kellner-Zinck shares her thoughts on gratitude.

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Mar 23 2017

What Are You Focusing Your Time & Energy On?

What Are You Focusing Your Time & Energy On? – Vol. 406, March 23, 2017

Today with all the negativity being broadcasts over our information media, telling us of all the horrible things that people are enduring these days from the racism to the horrific losses from the many tornados this past week throughout the country, what are you focusing your life’s energy on?

It is so easy to be overwhelmed by all this negative reportage. One gets to the point where they can’t even hear it any more, because of the repeated comments, pictures, etc. However, there are others who are highly empathic, and for them this negative news does great harm.

What is the tonic for this? Simple: turn off the news. Find something that you care about doing and go do it. Make it something that will help you and the world be a better place for your time any energy. Let go of the irrational fear mongering that our news media and our politicians love to throw at us. It is their way to get hold of our minds and make us nervous about being who we are and living our lives based on what is meaningful to us.

I implore you to go inside your own self to figure out what matters to you. If you want to take on a cause that is close to your heart – go for it, but know that you are doing it because you really care about the cause, never do these things out of fear

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Mar 20 2017

187: Have Compassion, Instead of Resentment

All of us have suffered injustices from our past or even been the perpetrator of such injustices. Whichever, it is, the remedy is compassion. Learn more from Master Hypnotist Suzanne Kellner-Zinck.

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Mar 16 2017

Stop the Hypocrisy & Act Your Faith – Vol. 405, March 16, 2017

Stop the Hypocrisy & Act Your Faith – Vol. 405, March 16, 2017

I am staying in a place with several other woman. Last evening a new woman joined us. I don’t know exactly how old she is, but I would say mid 70’s or so. She uses a cane to walk, her arthritis having taken over her body. She is very slight in build, though at one time, she explained she was an athlete, though I don’t know in what specific sport.

Last evening I witnessed a very sweet woman helping this new woman to get undressed to take her shower, because she has a hard time doing this for herself. Another had started the shower so she wouldn’t freeze under the cold water that would come out without heating it up first.
These were both acts of compassion, duly warranted in this situation.

However, this morning I was horrified to witness, one of the leaders of our group – a self-proclaimed “Christian” pushing this other woman to get ready quicker then she could. I was horrified to hear the demeaning tonality used to get this message across. Indeed the whole morning ritual of getting ready for the day at this place, this poor elderly woman was reprimanded for, not knowing the rules, and beside herself with the whole situation. It is my guess that this woman doesn’t belong in this place, because she can’t do what is required. However, it is also disturbing to me to see a self-proclaimed “Christian” treat another human being so cruelly.

It is my understanding that the most important aspect of any religion, any spiritual practice is to treat people at least in the manner in which you would like to be treated. Christ was a teacher of letting go of judgment, especially of those that you feel are worse off then you. It was his teaching that these were the ones that needed the love and care the most to help them heal.

If you consider yourself a religious or spiritual person, stop quoting scripture and start doing the “good works.” Stop thinking you are above others and be one with others, because you never know where you may be yourself one day, when the kindness of others could make a huge difference in your own life. And by the way, it is through the gifts you give others, without expecting a thing back in return, that you will find your greatest fulfillment. Try it out.

If you are a person who is going through some trials of your own. Speak up regarding your needs to those who could help you fulfill them. If you never ask, you can never know what help may have been there for you all along. I have found that being honest about my own needs, people always come forth to help me out. Because, the truth is, people like to be helpful to others, it just plain feels good.

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Mar 13 2017

186: Stop the Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy is one of the worst lies you can tell yourself or others. Master Hypnotist Suzanne Kellner-Zinck comments on what others see when your actions don’t match your words.

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Mar 09 2017

Stop Allowing Your Past to Determine Your Present & Future


forgiveness photoStop Allowing Your Past to Determine Your Present & Future – Vol. 404, March 9, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I know that I am not a person who likes to live in the past. Why? Because even though there were some very interesting and fun times back there in my past, there were also some very horrid ego killing episodes as well. I bring this up because there are so many people who are stuck in their past, living with the resentment, the guilt, the fear, the sadness, and worst of all the shame of whatever they feel they have done back there in their past.

I am here to tell you that we all have ups and downs in life. We all have done things that we wish we didn’t and yet, it is the truth of human behavior to do things and say things that may not always put us in the best light.

My question to you is this: How many years are you going to allow go by holding on to all this garbage in your life? How long are you going to feel poorly about yourself for whatever you may have done back there in the past? And, how long are you going to make those in your life that may have done things back there in your past, pay for those past acts that you feel hurt you?

I want to share a story with you from my resent past to demonstrate what I am speaking of here.

I have a sister who was always so sarcastically mean to me. It didn’t matter that my ex-husband and I gave up several weekends to help her ex-boyfriend fix up her home. It didn’t matter that we did fun things together – she would always find a way to put me down and upset me. This went on for 35 years – to the point where I threw her out of my life, no longer wanting to deal with her anger being projected on to me, especially because she was never willing to speak about the real reason why she acted this way toward me.

This past Thanksgiving I called her on the phone after we had a few favorable interactions through email. It was time to set myself free of my own resentment of her behavior toward me. If a phone call was what it took, as hard as it was going to be, so be it.

The underlying issue was what I thought it was. However, the specifics of the situation that were unknown to me were finally being related. Frankly, it had less to do with me, then it had to do with unfair treatment she felt she suffered by another’s attitude toward her, in relationship to me. Someone she thought she could trust. And, the fact of the matter was that given the similar situations that we found ourselves, all those years ago, we were indeed treated differently by the same person. However, she didn’t know that till she had the guts to tell me her truth.

I haven’t spoken to her since regarding anything of personal importance since then. However, what I gained from that conversation was knowing that she needed to deal with her own stuff. Because, even though I was a part of the story of her hurt, I wasn’t the one who hurt her, not at all. We were both victimized and that was my message to her. Stop taking responsibility for the harm that was done to you by another’s acts. Stop hurting yourself with this ancient past. Allow yourself to feel free in the life that you have created. She is now married to a wonderful man, She does work that she finds fulfilling and is aligned with her values, so she is indeed a lucky woman. However, she needs to allow herself the ability to let go of the past trespasses to fully enjoy what she currently has in her life.

I don’t really know if she has been able to let go of her past history, Though I certainly hope she has for her own good and the good of those with whom she interacts on a daily basis.

For me, I live 3,000 miles away from her, so I won’t be seeing her anytime soon. It’s enough to know that I did put this part of my own history into my past to allow me to move forward with my own life . I invite you to do the same.

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Mar 02 2017

Raising Kids With Healthy Self-Esteem

self esteem photo

Raising Kids WIth Healthy Self-Esteem – Vol. 403, March 2, 2017

Over the past few days I have been staying at an Airbnb with a family that has a stay at home mom taking care of three kids age 5 and under. They live in a very nice home in a very nice neighborhood in suburban Southern California. The father is self-employed. He spends his weekends working on the home and the grounds and playing with his kids. The mother has a very structured schedule with the kids where they nap in the afternoon and are in bed by 8 pm. She spends her days actually being with her children, interacting with them all day long. She is a woman who truly loves being a mother, demonstrated by being quite patient and loving towards her kids.

The thing that I find most amazing is that this family really do enjoy being together. It isn’t that they don’t have their times when the kids argue or get tired, but mostly, they play well together and the parents are there to be the loving role models that parents are meant to be.

I bring this up because in my hypnosis practice I have had more kids and parents who seemed to be cross talking, meaning that they just weren’t able to communicate. They were talking “past” one another. Granted these kids were a bit older then the kids in this household. Because of the cross talking, there were many hurtful comments that were made by one or both of the parties that caused distress enough to bring the child in to have some hypnosis done, to deal with the barriers to loving and trusting communication. The presenting problems are usually anger, sadness, fear or guilt in the child. Usually when this sort of case comes in, I do my best to have the parent and the child do a shared session so we can heal the wounds and create better communication. It works most of the time, but not all of the time. Both the child and the parent have to be willing to work through the issues, and this isn’t always the case.

Instead of having a distressed relationship between parents and their kids, we need to understand how these issues arise. During the first seven to eight years of one’s life is when the shelf-esteem, self-respect and self-love are created. This is because kids are working in their subconscious mind, recording everything that they hear, see and do into their subconscious minds. It is during this time that it is so important to let kids know that they are loved unconditionally, that they are cared for, that the parents and the other role models in their lives can be trusted by being present with them. When this doesn’t happen, that is when the problems assert themselves making life miserable with the inability to communicate their  their needs and desires.

In the two days that I have been here, I have never heard the mother raise her voice to any of the kids. I have never heard her make anything but loving, compassionate comments to her children. If she wants them to do something she ask if they need a bit of help. If there is something that seems to be causing a problem for one of the kids, the parents tell the child that they can only help them solve the problem if they know what the problem is. Remember, these are young kids 5 and under, and this is the level of communication that occurs in this household.

When I see kids with troubled relationships with their parents, it stems from a lack of trust in their parents being there in a positive manner. It happens because parents can say deeply hurtful things in an antagonistic tone of voice, without understanding how they are coming across to their child. Some parents expect their kids to be star students, athletes or musicians, trying to live through their kids. This is an absurdity, especially when the child is lacking the innate talent or interest in pursuing these activities. Worst is when parents are so self-involved in their own relationships or married to their electronics, they don’t pay attention to their kids. When these kids grow up, they are usually the ones that are left with a hole in their sole, finding other ways to fill it. Usually these are self-destructive behaviors.

If you want to have happy kids with healthy self-esteem, an ability to love and respect themselves, take a lesson from these parents. Be present with your kids, validate their feelings and do things that THEY find fun with them. In the end, you will find you have a wonderful relationship with your grown children, and isn’t that the best gift hat you can give to yourself as well as your child?


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