Dec 21 2017

Mortality Issues: How to Overcome them

Mortality Issues: How to Overcome them – Vol. 433, 5, Dec. 21, 2017

When I was 23 years old, my father died from a stroke. He had just turned 61. Though I didn’t know there was anything wrong with him, at the time, I did know that since he was 50 years old, he didn’t feel as good about himself as he did prior to then. He didn’t feel he had the energy he had while younger, though anyone who had an idea of the frenetic pace of his life would question him on that point. He’d wake up around 7 am every morning, get ready for work and be at his dental office by 8 am. After work, he would go play tennis or racket ball and after that, he would go square dancing with my mother till the wee hours in the evening. It was at one of these square dances where he fell to the floor in the stroke that would take his life.

I am now 56 years old, so not that far away from the 61 years old he was when he died. I see myself as gaining more weight, and less involved in some of the things that I used to do on a regular basis. This in part has to do with my living circumstances. However, there is still plenty of life left to live. In fact, I see the opposite of my father’s really giving up on life in regard to his mental attitude versus that of the male friend I am helping out right now. Here is a man who is still figuring out where he would like to go explore overseas as soon as he physically can. A man that loves exploring all sorts of places near and far. A man that has had dreams of mortality issues, because so many of his friends and family have passed away, yet, is still engaged in those things that are of interest to him. There is never a complaint about getting old. All there is is an attitude of how to do what needs to be done to be able to explore Italy or France or other far away places.

I do believe it is the attitude that we have that allows us to push through the aches and pains that we experience as we get a bit older. It is the idea that there are others in our lives that give us a sense of belonging that matters as well. I can’t tell you how many times I have been in my friends presence when his friends have noted to him how much better he looks and how glad they are to see him out and about once again. Because this is the thing: we never realize how much our presence means till we are out of touch for whatever reasons for a period. When we return is when we realize how much we were missed.

However, we can’t live for others, we must live for ourselves and the fulfillment we get from each of our days. So, I ask you:

What are you doing to create a sense of wonder in your world?
What are you doing to create a sense of contentment in your life?
What are you doing to create a sense of joy in your life?

The answers to these question will allow you to be able to overcome most anything that is in your way, driving you back to health, as it has done for my friend. A man who just turned 71 years old, a decade older than my own father when he passed away,

Photo by Graham Ó Síodhacháin

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