Jan 06 2014

Michael Jackson’s Private Doctor Convicted On Jackon’s Over Dose – Vol. 132, December 29, 2011

Apparently Michael Jackson was spending almost £100,000 month on prescriptions he was getting from his private physician, Dr. Conrad Murray. Apparently the doctor added insult to injury first by using an anesthetic, propofol to induce sleep in Jackson, when this is to be used only by anaethetist in a hospital setting. Secondly, Dr. Murray waited for almost a half an hour after finding Jackson before calling emergency services, neglecting to tell them about the use of propofol. This reported in the December 6, 2011 edition of the Daily Mirror by Miriam Stoppard.

We know that Jackson is one of many well monied stars who has died from a drug over dose prescribed by a private physician. The scary thing here is according to the newest data 7 million people in the United States admit to using prescription drugs for non-medical purposes. Of that number 40 people die from it every day. Many use pill mills (clinics that prescribe inappropriately,  through the internet where the dispensing agency has no idea of the situation that this person may be in not having any direct contact with them, or through doctor shopping (getting prescriptions from more than one doctor without telling each about the other).

It is understandable that sometimes doctors feel they need to make out the prescriptions for patients that will not take “no” for an answer. However, what the public needs to understand is that many of these same prescriptions are very dangerous especially when taken together.

There is also the problem of being given addictive medicine that may not seem to be a problem in the beginning. However, oh so subtly the helpful medication becomes an addictive habit that winds it way out of control.

If you are taking any sort of prescription be sure to understand why it is being prescribed and all of the side effects most importantly how addictive it can be. Use you intelligence where this is concerned because it could very well become a life or death situation whether or not you believe you are in control of your actions.

If you are finding yourself addicted to medication the first thing you need to do is have a medical professional get you through the detoxification process because this too can not only be very a scary situation to go through, it also has the chance of creating long lasting harm to you if not done appropriately.

Second, if you are finding yourself still dealing with the urges of wanting the drugs, it is a wise choice to add a hypnotist to your treatment team. With hypnosis you subconscious mind can be trained how to say “no” allowing you to let go of the urges and no longer desire the drugs. Further you will learn better ways to deal with the underlying issues that lead to the drug abuse above and beyond the initial prescription that brought you there.

If you choose to employ hypnosis do make sure that the hypnotist that you are working with has experience in dealing with drug addiction with an underlying understanding of psychology and the medical issues that can come with addiction. This is an area of work that requires a knowledgable person with whom to work to gain control of your mind and your life.

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