May 04 2017

Michael Beckwith’s Questions to Living Your Life On Purpose


questions photoMichael Beckwith’s Questions to Living Your Life On Purpose – Vol. 412, May 4, 2017

I love that Michael Beckwith’s focus as a spiritual teacher, is on the universe’s role for his followers. He makes it quite clear that it isn’t about praying to God, because God already loves you. It’s about listening to the purpose that is already encoded in you by asking empowering questions. Because, the main problem that people have in this life is that they ask disempowering questions as to why it is that they haven’t got those things they desire from life. They are busy doing “busy” activities instead of purposeful activities. So, I want you to ask yourself, right now: Am I living a life of purpose, on purpose, or am I just busy doing those things that I feel I must do, without any sort of purpose for having done them?

Michael states that every problem asks a question. Every question has an answer. Every answer you receive is the life you were born into being. This requires action.

After reading Michael’s questions, I want you to close your eyes and ask yourself each of these questions and then, just listen to “the ear, behind your ear” for the answer, as Micheal explains it. Allow the universe to speak through you. Again, the answers that come in, are to be based on what you receive as your own independent answers.

1. What is the universe trying to emerge through my life?
2. How much power can I flow through my life?
3. What do I need to do to empower my life?
4. What gifts do I have to give to the world?
5. What habits do I need to change to become the person I am being called to become?

Now, shut your eyes and ask each one of these questions.

Listen to the ear, behind your ear for the answer to each question based solely on what you hear. It has nothing to do with societal expectations, and it has nothing to do with what your parents may want you to become. It only has to do with who you are and what you are here to do.

Many years ago, I was folding an elder client’s laundry, having a hell of a time trying to neatly fold her king size bottom sheet, being a person with very short arms. It was at that moment I realized that this was definitely not the work that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I started to dream of the sorts of unconventional lives that people lived who lived long happy, fulfilled lives. I came up with inventors, conductors, fine art photographers, performers and travel writers. I realized that these people pretty much had control over their lives doing those things that brought them happiness and fulfillment. So, I started to allow unconventional sorts of occupations to come into my life. It was after reading a few advertisements in two holistic health magazines that I found courses for becoming a hypnotist. I realized that all the knowledge that I had gained through working in mental health and with elders as well as the limited nursing education I received, could easily be utilized better by overlaying hypnosis over it. This is how I became a hypnotist.

I knew that I wasn’t meant for the conventional world, because none of it made any sense to me. I had witnessed too many stupid rules, too much hurt of my clients through those stupid rules and realized that there had to be a better way and I searched till I found it. No, I didn’t know that I would find it in the health magazines, but I kept my mind open to know when I saw the right work for me. I love the world of hypnotism. I love how quickly lives change, I love the fact that I have been able to travel the world both for trainings and to bring my work abroad. I love the writing, podcasting and public speaking involved. I love the teaching of it to those who are interested in learning about it. I love the wonderful way it has helped me to clear my own issues both in mental health and physical health, beyond what conventional medicine has to offer. It’s magical.

What has the universe asked you to do to create some of your own magic in this world? What can you do to be happy and fulfilled? Because that is what I want for you; to be happy and fulfilled in your life. To do those things that matter to you because they matter to you, and because you can make the world better for having been here. Because in the end, the only person who could possibly know what is important to you and the life you are to lead is you.

At the end of your life, you will want to know that you were your real authentic self. That is the way to true happiness and contentment. There is no other way.

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