Mar 28 2014

Men: How To Get Your Needs Met In Relationship With Woman

Aemilia and Ed's One Man ShowMen: How To Get Your Needs Met In Relationship With Woman – Vol. 251, March 28, 2014


As I noted in my previous post, I believe that John Gray, Ph.D. Is the original relationship coach out there. His information is based on the biological differences that between men and woman. In my last post I discussed how men need high levels of testosterone to feel happy and healthy and this is accomplished by allowing them to rest and relax, especially after work. Woman need high levels of oxytocin to feel healthy, relaxed and loved.


So men what do you need to do to build that oxytocin in your women to get your woman to meet your needs in relationship?


Understand that women feel best when they are interacting with others. Any time you take the time to truly listen to her, she feels loved and cared for.


Women spend a whole lot of time getting ready for dates to look good. Every time you notice your woman has taken the time to look great acknowledge it. She is doing this to make you proud to be with her so it is worth acknowledging.


When your woman asks you to do something to help her out, every time you take the time to do so, you help her to feel loved and cared for.


Woman like to be romanced and in many cases this means going on dates or bringing her flowers or some small thoughtful gift. It doesn’t need to be anything big, it is merely the fact that you took the time to think of her that will allow her to feel loved and cared for.


When your woman is feeling loved and taken care of, she is going to be able to love and care for you in a manner that works best for you. It is a win/win situation. What could be better than that?


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