Apr 10 2014

Living An Inspired Life Brings You Back To Life

HappinessLiving An Inspired Life Brings You Back To Life -Vol. 253, April 10, 2014


Over the years I have treated many clients who felt “dead” inside, living like robots doing the same things every day. In most cases all the items on the clients to-do lists were to be done for someone other then themselves. This is problem is particularly acute in women who are between the ages of 40 and 60 years of age where all their waking moments are spent nurturing their families, their careers or their ailing parents.


As a direct result of all the responsibilities that these women have, they no longer feel they have any time in their own lives for those things that bring happiness and fulfillment to them. The end result is a bringing on much stress leading to feelings of depression which can then turn into weight gain as the women fill the “hole in their soul” with food. With enough weight gain physical problems can add to the depressed feelings already being experienced. So how does one turn this around? Here are some ideas to help you out:


  1. Learn how to say, “no” to those things that your loved ones can do for themselves.
  2. Delegate some of the items on your list to others who are just as capable and maybe as responsible as you in getting the item completed.
  3. We all must take time to relax. You can take time to meditate, do self-hypnosis, read a novel, or just get out in nature. Hanging out with a good friend also brings about many positive feelings while releasing stress.
  4. Figure out what matters to you by hanging out with people who are doing things that you find interesting and inspired by. It is when we get outside of ourselves that we are able to feel fulfilled. I had a client years ago who started volunteering with disabled adults. As a result of that work, she found herself healing many of her own life-long emotional difficulties.
  5. Set a new goal for yourself for something that you would like to do. It could be to write a book, go back to school, or start a business or non-profit. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you are doing these things because you feel inspired by doing them.


If you feel that your are living the same day over and over again, it is time to reconcile yourself with the need to insert something of value into your own life, something that really makes you feel inspired to do. For me I feel the most inspired when a client is able to break through the bullshit story s/he has been telling him/herself coming to the realization that a sense of freedom is found by letting that all go. In so doing a great feeling of “lightness and brightness” is felt allowing for increased energy, increased mood and a sense of a future worth living. So, what stories are you going to let go of to allow you to live an inspired and energized life going forward?



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