Jan 18 2018

Lets Let Go of Those Pesky Health Myths

health photoLet’s Let Go Of Those Pesky Health Myths – Vol. 427, Jan. 2018

There are so many myths that run around the media that have absolutely no research to back them up. I found an article though in businessinsider.com, Jan 2, 2018, Called “The Definitive, Scientific answers to 20 Health Questions Everyone Has.” I thought I would share some of these items with you so that you can let go of these false beliefs. Perhaps it may even make your life a bit easier in the end. I chose 14 of the myths that I felt were worthy of sharing with you. Here we go:

1. Sugar does not make you or anyone hyper based on a 1995 meta-analysis of sugar studies in JAMA, 1995, Nov 22-29 “The effect of sugar on behavior or cognition in children. A meta-analysis” by Wolraich, ML, et al.

2. Over the counter cough syrup does not work because it doesn’t have enough antihistamine in it to be helpful. In the United States codeine isn’t allowed to be in non-prescription cough medicine. Prescription cough suppressants have a better ability to help. This according to 2014 Australian study “Over the Counter medications to reduce cough as an adjunct to antibiotic for acute pneumonia in children and adults” by Chang, CH, Chang AB and Chang AB.

3. Olive oil does indeed seem to protect the heart with it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects according to a study of older women done in 2015 and published in JAMA called “Mediterranean Diet and Invasive Breast Cancer Risk Among Women at High Cardiovascular Risk in PREDIMED Trial, A Randomized Clinical Trial” It also found that women who followed a Mediterranean diet had a reduced risk of breast cancer.

4. Sugary drinks do indeed lead to diabetes along with weight gain, and obesity based on a 2006 review of 50 years of studies called “Intake of sugar-sweetened Beverages and weight gain: a systematic review” published in The American Journal of Nutrition.

5. You don’t need a sunscreen with more than 30 SPF, though you do need to look for one that will protect you against both UVB and UVA rays. The FDA suggests that you reapply every two hours.

6. MSG in Chinese food has never been scientifically proven to cause headaches.

7. Nuts will not make you fat if you limit the amount that you eat to a cup of nuts. Nuts are very healthy for you because they have omega-3 fatty acids which are good for your heart, with a good amount of protein and fiber. They also provide many trace nutrients.

8. Walking is as effective as running for heart health.

9. Eggs do not raise cholesterol levels in the blood according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition article, “Dietary cholesterol and cardiovascular disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis” by Berger S. et al.

10. You can indeed drink too much water especially if you are working out very strenuously. The main problem is that a condition called hyponatremia can occur where sodium levels get too low. Just drink fluids which have electrolytes in them to prevent this from happening.

11. Whitening toothpaste does not whiten your teeth according to the American Dental Association. However, they have been shown to be more toxic than regular toothpaste.

12. You can use plastic in the microwave so long as it is marked as “microwave safe” meaning that it is free of phthalates because they are a possible carcinogen that can be migrated into the food when it is heated up. These substances allow plastic to be flexible.

13. Red wine isn’t better for you than white wine, though red wine has less sugar in it then white wine.

14.  Watching television or looking at LCD screens will not ruin your eyes according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. If your eyes get tired, give them a break from looking at the screen.

Though I did know some of these myths were not true, there were some that were eye openers for me too.

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