Oct 17 2013

Krokodil: 3X More Addictive Than Heroin: Causing Gangrene – Addicts Bodies Decomposing As They Continue to Shoot Up! Watch OUT!!

HypodermicKrokodil: 3K More Addictive Than Heroin: Causing Gangrene

– Addicts Bodies Decomposing As They Continue to Shoot Up! Watch OUT!! – Vol. 221, October  17, 2013

With our government currently in stagnation, unwilling to constructively deal with the U.S.’s economic crisis, distraction techniques are being employed to get the public’s mind off the immediate lack of trust the rest of the world has in our monetary system, rightfully so in my opinion. Now, as important as it is to have the financial means to do the government’s work, I would have to say that there is another concern that is even more scary than the financial crisis. It has to do with the newest drug that is being pushed on the streets usually unknowingly to heroin addicts, and even worse able to be made in the addicts own home for the destructive properties of the chemicals made in its manufacture.

It wasn’t that long ago when the U.S. Government was calling the governments in Africa ignorant and damaging to their populous when they refused to admit to the huge problem they had with the transmission of AIDS. Millions of needless deaths occurred because of the public statements by their government officials flatly denying AIDS existed. When those in power refuse to see and deal with the truth, education of protective measures is never done, allowing for the death of millions of people in a long and painful struggle that had to be.

Our very own DEA has thrown a blind eye toward this emerging problem of Kroodil addiction as cases are springing up in Arizona and Illinois. Their lack of proactive action to educate the public as to its danger is reprehensible given the fact that people can find the method of making this drug on the internet. For those who are already using heroin, their dealers may sell them this much cheaper alternative, never telling the unsuspecting addict what they are about to put into their bodies is going to decay their muscles and skin as they painfully watch their bones being exposed.

I would have to say that the lack of understanding, compassion and medical judgment on the part of the surgeon general of these United States is going to cause a worse situation than that which we saw with the lack of education on AIDS. Because as we all know, those who were afflicted were the gay men and who really cares about gays, right? Except that they were infecting their wives who didn’t know their husbands were gay then reaching into infect the babies developing in the mother’s womb, but who cares about those folks? And who cares about junkies either?

If we live in a country that stands for the “rights of all people regardless of creed, religion or sexual persuasion, than we must have a government that recognizes that people who have problems, finding themselves in what amounts to a medical situation require medical care. I would also like to add that most addicts (and I don’t care if it is drug, sex, gambling, food, anorexia, bulimia, shopping, etc.) become addicts because they have lives of trauma that were never healed – the pain that is felt is emotional pain and until that is healed in a caring and non-judgmental manner, the addictions will persist and some of the brightest and most creative people among us will be dead so young they never even knew who they were or what their lives could have been, sharing their own unique gifts.

This disgusting attitude is nothing less than blaming the victim for having the relentless pain dig so deeply into the soul that the addictions become the only sanctuary from it as the dopamine (pleasure neurotransmitter) makes it all go away. It doesn’t matter for how long, it only matter that it does…until something worse comes about in the damage the addiction does to the body and mind of the addict. All addicts pay the price of their addictions. There is a sense of living a double life, there is a sense of shame attached to it, and yet, it is the only way that they have come up with to get out of the deeply felt pain and that is why they do what they do.

It is about time we stop criminalizing and judging people for the only way of coping they were able to figure out without the appropriate treatment for the real issues that underly these destructive behaviors.

I have worked with all sorts of addicts for the past 11 years and I can tell you that none of them set out to have their problems and have their problems grow to such proportions that their lives were over taken with their addictions – this is the definition of an addiction – no longer being able to participate in normal daily activities of living with all the addicts resources (time and money) going to the fulfilling the addiction.

So, for all of you who think that you above it, guess what? Until you have found yourself in a situation that may warrant some sort of reprieve, you would do well to hold your ignorant thoughts inside your mind and take the time to learn something called “compassion.. Just because you were lucky enough to not be so engaged doesn’t make you any better than another. All it means is that you were lucky enough to not go there. But, my guess is that you have your own skeletons in your closet that you hide so well even from yourself, that you haven’t a clue until one day, it breaks out and gets to the point where you can no longer pretend that you haven’t any issues that need to be resolved. I can say this being the first in my rather large family of origin to openly discuss my own mental health diagnosis over 20 years ago, realizing that I come from a genealogy on my mother’s side of the family that is rampant with mental health issues. It runs in the family genetics so I wanted my older sisters to be aware for their own sakes and for the sakes of their children, given that many of these mental health issues don’t really show themselves till the teen years and beyond. It didn’t take long for others in my family to find themselves in worse situations than even I was in, given their mental health issues.

So, get a grip and be honest with yourself first, and then demonstrate some compassion and by all means get the help.you need as you become aware of the struggles you may be having in your own life. It is only through dealing with our own life’s challenges in a constructive manner coming out the other end healed,  that we are able to learn to have compassion (instead of judgment) for those who have different struggles than our own.

Judgment is never constructive – empathy, understanding and compassion are, for those are the ingredients of love, and love is what we all need to have lives that are meaningful enough to be worth living.


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