Jan 02 2014

John Gray Interview Part 4 of Claim Your Excellent Life Podcast

Suzanne_with_John_Gray_P1010002-300x2251John Gray Interview Part 4 of Claim Your Excellent Life Podcast -Vol. 232, Jan. 2, 2014

In Part 4 of John’s interview he covered much material on how the brain loses function when we introduce drugs, sugars and malnourishing food into our bodies because it creates free radicals. The free radicals cause our brains to be inflamed which then creates the mental illnesses that so many people are suffering from these days. Lithium Orotate, Calcium Orotate and other minerals are what we need to heal our brains.

I had John tell us his age, which is 62 years young, given his great energy and enthusiasm for life. He made it clear that one needs to fulfill one’s purpose. In his case this is to educate the masses on how to heal themselves. He stated that anti-oxidants are what we are always told we need to have to heal our free radical situation, though glutathione will help us to recycle the vitamin C we require since we have to consume it, unable to produce it on our own.

Further into the interview John spoke about the great sex life he enjoys acknowledging that our sex drive is part of our reptilian brain, the oldest part of our brain. As reptiles are able to regenerate their tails, when we have sex, we regenerate our own energy sources. For those who have chosen to believe that they no longer need sexual activity, John states that they have cut themselves off from the most natural way to regenerate their energy stores.

Lastly he spoke more in depth of the use of hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) since that is indeed my modality of healing both for myself and for my clients. He expressed how the use of the hypnosis and NLP allow one to have an objective look at their thoughts allowing them to heal. He uses it in his practice finding it most helpful for his clients along with great nutrition, having healthy relationships and helping others to find fulfillment.

After hearing John teach at Harvard, I knew I had to have him share is work with my audience. He absolutely blew me away with the amount of content he shared for “ our podcast Claim Your Excellent Life for what amounted to an hour interview which we split into 15 minute segments.

If you are in a relationship that isn’t serving you, he has a great book to help you to better understand how to deal with creating a better one called  Why Mars & Venuse Collide.

If you are having issues of focus you can go to his website and download his new book on focus for free at: www.marsvenus.com.

If you are a person who is sick of being told to take what accounts to deadly medications to help deal with your symptoms, never getting to the cure – I would have to say that John and I agree – that medicine is missing the mark by leaving out the most obvious of notions that we are indeed naturally healing beings if we only had the basic components necessary to do so. Instead we find ourselves eating nutrient lacking food, told to take medications as if they were candy even if they create more problems than they solve, and are never told that if we would: just love and be loved, listen to our inner wisdom and do what feels right for us, maybe, just maybe the citizens of this country would be a whole lot healthier and definitely much happier and fulfilled.

Folks, this isn’t rocket science. If you are stressed out, deal with it by reducing it no matter what you need to do. If you are in a job you hate, get out of it and find one where you are respected while doing work that you like enough to do each day. If you are constantly worried, angry, jealous, obsessive, sad or feeling guilty you best deal with it or you will find yourself getting sicker and sicker. I know that some of my newer clients have chronic pain issues which have nothing whatsoever to do with muscles and ligaments – it has to do with what Dr. John Sorano has determined to be stuck emotions of anger and anxiety – because the oxygen is unable to get to these areas of the body, creating real physical pain for those that just won’t deal with the emotions that need to be healed.

Please care enough about yourself to get the help that you deserve. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for those who love you and want to have a happy, healthy, fulfilled human being to share life with.

Here are some videos from John’s vast library of videos that you will find helpful:


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