Dec 26 2013

John Gray Interview Part 3 of Claim Your Excellent Life Podcast

Suzanne_with_John_Gray_P1010002-300x2251John Gray Interview Part 3 of Claim Your Excellent Life Podcast – Vol. 231, Dec. 26, 2013

This particular part of the interview with John Gray was full of information. You would be best served to listen to the podcast in I-Tunes, accessible for free, because to try to do it justice here would be to leave out magnitudes of information that you will most assuredly find most helpful. This is especially true if you are a person who takes over-the-counter medications or prescription medications on a regular basis. It John’s belief that these chemicals that many of us ingest without really thinking about the long term effects, created the huge increase in mental illness we are seeing in our population. This chemicals are damaging to our body, disrupting our brains’ ability to function as free radical damage is done  creating the loss of normal healing functions of our brains.

In the earlier part of the interview John speaks to the gender differences between men and women and how it was that his hyper focus caused his Parkinson’s Disease, working 18 hour days between counseling, traveling the world teaching and of course writing his books. The hyper focus that allowed his wife to feel loved in the beginning of their relationship was lost to his hyper focusing on his work. He realized that hyper focus was a symptom of ADHD that he had that had gone undiagnosed. When he healed his Parkinson’s Disease with nutritional means, unwilling to take ever higher doses of medication till he found himself suffocating to death. Really folks, this is what his doctor told him the medical treatment would lead to, so he did the research to find out what he needed. He was able to form new dopamine receptors in his brain and stop the “down regulation” of his dopamine allowing him to have a balanced and happy life. His wife was thrilled to have her old husband back.

John also explained a bit more clearly what manic depression is all about since I shared the fact that I was so over medicated on lithium that he created all sorts of problems for me. I was lucky to have a psychiatrist at the time be willing to do the requisite testing to find out that my kidneys were slowing down, taking me off the lithium. I was given further luck in being able to stop all psychiatric intervention with the help of Tad James’s Time Line Therapy ® process, once I was told what emotions I needed to clear. As interesting as that is, John thought that my being on the asthma medication for only one year was most likely the precursor to my manic depression. This was a whole other hypothesis why I developed it. I was under much stress at the time which of course is the cause of many illnesses especially if you have a predisposition as I did given the genetics in my family of origin.

Lastly, John went into much detail in how the men need 30 times more testosterone than woman. When men put out effort to be “successful” they use up their testosterone and feel they deserve a rest – to chill out and restore their testosterone.

Women on the other hand need to give and receive love and care. Women find it easy to give love and care and find it difficult to receive it which depletes their oxytocin making them unhappy. So we of the opposite genders need to learn how to respect our individual needs to create happy and fulfilling relationships. John goes into a lot of detail on this subject as well so I highly recommend you listen to the interview to gain some very useful knowledge, especially if you are in a relationship that may not be going as smoothly as you want it to.

Here are some links from John’s website that you will find helpful as well:

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