Dec 19 2013

John Gray Interview Part 2 of “Claim Your Excellent Life” Podcast – Manic Depression Explained in A New Fashion

Suzanne_with_John_Gray_P1010002-300x2251 John Gray Interview Part 2 of Claim Your Excellent Life Podcast – Manic Depression Explained in A New Fashion -Vol. 230, Dec. 19, 2013

During John Gray’s interview he educates the audience in the ways that medical doctors are limiting their care to medicines that may help with the symptoms, but create many side-effects, some of which lead his brother to committing suicide, no longer desiring to live with them. John explains how lithium carbonate is the medicine of choice for the medical professionals even though it creates all sorts of negative side effects. People gain weight on it, since it is a salt, and as I learned in nursing school, water goes to where salt is, so water weight is what is being carried. Some people have tremors as I did and some people just don’t like the way they feel on the stuff as was true for John’s younger brother.

John explains how our food is absent of the proper grounding minerals we all need to be healthy and grounded – something his brother didn’t have as a result of the severity of his illness. Lithium Orotate is much safer and helps manic depressives and depressives to even out their mood swings. It is an over-the-counter drug which is probably why it isn’t used by the medical community. He goes on to explain other minerals in the orotate family that we can take that will help us to be grounded and healthier.

We also spoke of the issue how stress brings out mental illness and what we can do about it. I spoke of my own daily morning routine of journaling, writing my gratitudes and reading and doing self-hypnosis to ground and center myself so that I can be at my best while working with my clients. John said that we have to respect each person’s methods of grounding, though he prefers using the supplements that he has found to help him feel healthy and I would even say youthful. The man looks twenty years younger than he actually is.

Here are some links to his free videos on his website:


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