Dec 12 2013

John Gray Interview Part 1 – from “Claim Your Excellent Life” Podcast

Suzanne_with_John_Gray_P1010002-300x2251John Gray Interview Part 1 – from Claim Your Excellent Life Podcast – Vol. 229, Dec. 12, 2013 –

John Gray has been ahead of his time for the duration of his career. Many of you probably have no idea that he was a monk for 9 years starting when he was 19 years old, living over in India during this period of his life. During our interview he explained that it was because he had a sense of his authentic self, he was able to understand that there were definite gender differences that needed to be understood and respected for healthy relationships to form. This was very different from what was being taught in the 1970’s in the universities at the time, where men and women were to be seen as similar.

This is an important point because John’s 1993 best seller, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus was based on this very idea that the genders required different sorts of interactions to feel loved and appreciated. As John stated so eloquently, men have up to 30 times the testosterone of women and use it up as they work in their jobs. This is why they need to go into their “cave” to replenish it right when they come home. He is also clear that for women, it is very important for them to be in relationships to rebuild their oxytocin – the hormone that fills them up allowing them to feel calm and happy. Unfortunately in the work world of modern culture, women are separated from their natural inclination to be supportive of one another as they raise their children. In the ancient cultures there is no lack of oxytocin as they continue this way of life.

John speaks about how he entered the field of psychology as a result of his younger brother asking him for help because he suffered from manic depression. John had tried to help his brother with all sorts of holistic methods that he had studied and any intuitive means he had, sadly finding himself unable to really help his brother. He became a psychologist to get better tools and techniques to help his brother. Unfortunately his brother ended up committing suicide not being able to live with his condition. John stated that his position on many of the psychiatric illnesses that psychiatrist place patients on, create worse problems with the side effects, instead of dealing with the real culprit – not getting enough of the appropriate nutrition to manufacture the hormones and neuro-transmitters required for the brain to function properly. He has done much research on this topic and has free videos up on his website marsvenus.com where you can learn much more about the innovative work that he has been doing over the last few decades. I too believe that proper nutrition is the basis of health for people just as it is for any living being.

Here are a few links for you to check out from John Gray’s website marsvenus.com related to this particular part of our interview:





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