Sep 17 2015

Hypnosis Works Brilliantly With Children & Young Adults

 BP1 BWHypnosis Works Brilliantly With Children & Young Adults – Volume 327, September 17, 2015 

Children and Young Adults are gifted at doing hypnosis for a few reasons.

First they are already in trance and rarely need a formal induction to put them into one. This makes them gifted at doing hypnosis.

Second, they are fascinated by the process, it being a bit mysterious in nature.

Third, they are in the session to use their own creative abilities to come up with the solutions to their issues, empowering them to heal.

With this mind-body technique children are easily able to build their self-esteem, learn coping skills and do better in school.

I generally ask the child if they would like their parent present during the session. If they are willing, healing of all sorts can occur for both the child and the parent.

I have had 15 year old client whose mother really didn’t understand the amount of pressure she was placing on her daughter to be in many advanced placement courses, even wondering why her daughter felt compelled to do so. During the session the mother apologized for this pressure that she never knew she was placing on her daughter. During the session, the mother spoke about how she took many advanced placement courses to “please” her mother and apologized to her daughter for passing that pressure on to her.

I had another mother bring her son in to see me. He was 13 years old at the time. He had special needs and found it hard to do the hypnosis. His mother was in the session and apparently learned a lot about how to accept her son for exactly who he is as a person. She wrote me a thank you for that aspect of our work together, though she also let me know that she didn’t believe the hypnosis worked for her son. I was pleased that the mother had shifted her feelings for her son. Sometimes it is the parent that needs the help more then the child. When that is accomplished things can go better for the child.

I had a 19 year old come in to see me who was unable to write his music any longer. We cleared the sadness from many losses of his grandparents and pets. Ar the next session he was writing his music again, right in front of me. It was absolutely amazing to watch.

It is helpful to have the parents involved because, as you can see, sometimes they can heal issues that they have with their children. Here’s a wonderful case to demonstrate this:  I had a case where one mother was in the session with her 17 year old daughter for a problem with her ice hockey coach. However, the larger problem was written in the message the mother wrote on a slip of paper and passed to me. She had lost 4 of her good friends in the past 3 years. She wanted to know if I could help her with it. An hour later all those losses were healed for her daughter. If the mother wasn’t present for that session, I never would have known.

It is important for the parent to be willing to be part of the process of healing and to support the changes their child is making in the session.

I had one mother whose daughter was seeing me, age 10 who was still wetting her bed. During the whole session I couldn’t get the mother to stop texting as she was busy working on her business. It wasn’t fair to the daughter so I continued the sessions with the daughter over the phone. The results were not as good as they could have been if the mother was more present for her daughter’s needs.

On the other end of the spectrum, I met a father and son from Nairobi a few years ago. The son was 19 years old and very depressed. I showed the son how to do some self-hypnosis and a bullying issue came up with him. I cleared that for him. His demeanor changed for a bit. His parents were so glad for the change they saw that they invited me to Nairobi, Kenya to work with all three of them to get on the same page regarding their son. His father explained it by saying he thought the mother and he were confusing the son with different messages to him. He’s doing real well now, because his parents were totally behind his treatment.

If you have a teen or college age student who is suffering from eating disorders, find a hypnotist who knows how to work with them because the results are amazing. I have had several of these clients and they stop their purging and binging along with the other self-destructive behaviors setting out to create lives that are happy and fulfilling for them.

So, if your child or young adult is having difficulties, hypnosis is a great way to go. It works quicker then regular talk therapy by using the innate talent these clients have to create their own healing while learning a great skill to help them throughout life.

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