Dec 30 2013

Hypnosis Proven to be an Altered State Through Research – Vol. 129, Dec. 8, 2011

As you probably realize there has always been a question about the existence of what is known as the hypnotic state. The instructors of hypnosis teach their students that the brain waves as shown on an EEG machine in the alpha and delta state proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the hypnotic state exist. This is the manner in which I explain the “proof” of the hypnotic state’s existence to my clients. However, there was a research study that was just published on October 24, 2011called “The Existence of the Hypnotic State Revealed by Eye Movements” in PLos ONE Journal. The research was underwritten by Signe and Ane Gyllenburg Foundation neither which had any role in the study design, data collection or the writing or publishing of the research by researchers: Kallio, Hyonna, Rvonsuo, Sikka, and Nummenman.

The researchers were able to reliably demonstrate various changes in both automatic and volitional eye moments that correspond with the changes referred to in literature on what is commonly known as the hypnotic “trance state”. In a highly hypnotizable subject the researchers were able to reliably demonstrate large and objective changes in the optokinetic reflex, which means that the eyes can follow objects in motion with the head remaining stationary. They also were able to show the pupillary reflex and the programming involved in the quick, simultaneous movements of both eyes in the same direction as the to a single target. Control subjects could not voluntarily imitate these phenomenon reliably. The researchers believe this research demonstrates the ability of some hypnotized subjects are brought into an altered state that is qualitatively different from the normal state of consciousness.

Now that you know that there are currently two objective ways to prove that the hypnotic state does exist maybe you would be more willing to use it to clear yourself of any habitual, thought or behavioral problems that have been creating some distress in your life. It is a very relaxing state to be in, bringing one to the same state of mind that one would be in while in a meditative state. Because hypnosis is an altered state, one is by definition in a dissociated state allowing one to feel great relief upon being emerged from the hypnotic state. It is really one of the quickest and easiest methods to be used to clear those problems that are making one’s life problematic.

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