May 08 2014

How Do You Know You Are Living an Inspired Life?

To be inspiredHow Do You Know You Are Living an Inspired Life? -Vol. 256, May 8, 2014


For many years I have followed Wayne Dyer, a man who has overcome much to become a man who knows the very meaning of living an inspired life. He wrote a book on the subject called Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling. To be honest I haven’t read the book yet. However, I did watch the Youtube video of his PBS program of the same title and was moved by much of what he had to say. Unlike the majority of Americans who go to work to make an income and create what is known in our society as “security,” I have chosen to find the “right work” for me. It took me 23 years to find my “right work” which is so “right” for me I can’t imagine myself ever not doing it. In fact the very thought of not doing my work makes me ill in my heart and soul. Wayne explains where these feelings come from and for those of you who feel similarly, I believe you will find this to be very helpful – why you don’t fit the “norm” and perhaps don’t want to even with the challenges that can come with it.

Let us first define the word “inspiration” to get a better idea of what Wayne is speaking of here. Wayne’s definition is “living in-spired, which is felt as being moved by a force greater than ourselves. It is an idea that gains hold of us from the invisible reality of spirit that is more powerful than ourselves. This is the place from which we connect with the invisible reality that ultimately calls us to our calling.”

Some interesting things happen to us when we are inspired by our calling according to Wayne. “All your thoughts break through the bonds allowing you to break through any limitations. Your consciousness expands in every direction finding yourself in a new, great wonderful world. Dormant forces allow faculties and talents to come alive and you discover yourself to be a forced to be a greater person by the force you demand yourself to be.”

Wayne explains that this is really one’s connection to spirit where happiness reigns.

When one stops doing that which they are inspired by, their world contracts into a depressed and contracted place, life no longer working. This is why people who are living an inspired life feel compelled to do the impossible, listening to their inner calling because it resonates inside them. There is no stopping the truly inspired regardless of the challenges experienced.

Living in this way can sometimes help one to overcome great challenges such as one of his guests on the program who was a lone survivor of her family and her neighbors after the genocide of Rwanda. She said she discovered God in the midst of this genocide with her total belief and connection to God. She had to learn what God was like in her thoughts, but she had to almost learn how to be in a state of forgiveness for those who were hunting her. She left the 3X4 bathroom she hid in with seven other women in her Pastor’s home at 5’9” and 65 pounds after her 91 days of hiding. Her name was Immaculee Ilibagiza and she wrote the book Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust. Her learning was one of empathy when someone is hurt. She explains that when you hurt another you hurt yourself in one way or another. You can’t hate people if they are struggling with the truth because they don’t know what they are doing – as the bible says. For every pain there is a great purpose. She aligned herself with Anne Frank’s belief to never give up on mankind knowing that peace is possible.

Immaculee learned English in the three months that she couldn’t speak while in the bathroom. There was no way for her to know that as a spokeswomen for overcoming hatred, she would be living in America using her third language speaking to Americans five years later. It was a trust in her conscious to be pulled by spirit where nothing is impossible that lead her to learn English.You find yourself to do that which you allow yourself to do according to Wayne.

What sort of world can one create for one’s self living an inspired life? What cool things could you create? What sorts of healing messages could you get out in the world if you have overcome adversity?

I really don’t know about you. What I do know is that by being called to do the work I do regardless of the challenges inherent in owning my own business – I am more fulfilled than many. I have been offered unbelievable opportunities to bring this healing work to others across the globe. These are applications that I would never have thought of myself brought to me by those who were inspired by the work that I do. That alone is a priceless knowing that I have received. I also realize that since this has already happened two times, there is no reason to believe that it won’t happen again when the next person who I meet can see the possibilities in new applications in other areas of the world. Certainly these are dreams of mine that have come true being willing to follow the inspired life. My wish is that for you who reads these words, that they too will have the experience of doing the unimaginable in constructive and fulfilling ways following your calling living your inspired life.






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