May 14 2015

How Does One Create Better Health? Could You Dream Your Way To Better Health?

 Dream!How Does One Create Better Health? Could You Dream Your Way To Better Health? – Vol. 309, May 14, 2015 

One of the main problems that I have with my clients is that they are given all sorts of diagnoses speaking to the pathologies in their bodies and minds. My job first and foremost, is to help my clients figure out what is “right” with them  thus allowing them to let go of their supposed pathologies, bringing them health and wellbeing. It’s an amazing thing our minds, and the way that they can be used to allow us to create wellness instead of ill health. And, frankly, I care little about the complexity involved because what I have learned from the experts in my life, my clients themselves, is that given a strong enough “compelling future” they can dream their way to health and fulfillment. Of course the first person I needed to learn this from was indeed myself.

How does this work? Well, it is really very simple if we understand how the mind was created to work. Your thoughts are what create your neurology and everything else that is going on in your body. So, if some doctor in his or her white coat hypnotizes you into believing that there is something wrong with you, you will believe in what is known as a “nocebo” creating ill health. If instead you are allowed to believe in your own power to create health and wellbeing and are given the tools and techniques to do so, even tumors can disappear. I know this from my own success ridding myself of a brain tumor a few years ago. There was nothing the great doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital could do to make the tumor go away. They helped by stopping its growth, but they were very clear that they couldn’t make it disappear. It was by remembering my very first hypnosis mentor, who worked in oncology at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston who worked with his patients to help them rid themselves of tumors along with helping them with pain control and dealing with the various side-effects from their conventional cancer treatments.

There was this other situation I had many years before feeling leashed to my ex-psychiatrist being treated for what was known as manic depression for over 14 years. I knew in my heart of hearts that I could get rid of this illness with the correct treatment. I just didn’t know what it was. That was until I found myself in a very intensive training where I had to apply to myself everything that I had learned in my Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner training plus a few extra more esoteric techniques. It wan’t my intention to find the way to let go of my manic depression at that particular training. I was really there because my marriage was falling apart and I wanted help in dealing with the difficulties of that matter. However, because I had dreamed for over a decade of the day when I would be able to finally let my now ex-psychiatrist know the answer to one of her questions to me, “Would you do it my way or your way if you had a choice in dealing with your manic depression.” The only answer I had at the time was of course “her way” since I didn’t yet have a “my way.” But, with all the day dreaming and the deep desire to never require another side-effect laden medication or the necessity to continue to see my psychiatrist or any psychiatrist again, I found a way to let go of this once thought of permanent condition never ever looking back since January 5, 2005.

Bronchial asthma was another illness that was creating all sorts of problems for me especially because I use my voice to do my work. What is hypnosis other than the giving of suggestions of new perceptions done either in a conversational or in a suggestive state? One can’t do this while coughing and worrying the client about the practitioner’s health. Not to mention that talking makes the coughing worse. Once again, the sheer desire to finally be rid of this disgusting and disruptive malady was dreamed away, as I finally realized why I had it to begin with during an eight hour intervention that we had to do at my NLP master practitioner training. Thank God I had a partner who wanted to learn everything that she could, because  she did indeed help me to let go of this problem once and for all. The interesting thing here was that though the symptoms look to be physiological as in being allergic reactions, what asthma really is, is an illness that is predicated on emotional issues and limiting beliefs. Once I let go of the limiting belief that I needed to be ill to get taken care of (financially in my case), the asthma became an indicator to me of one of two issues in my world. Either someone who was toxic in my life needed to be let go, or I need to get more sleep. Since July 2004 these are the only reasons I ever experience any sort of asthmatic attack. So, the symptoms now serve me instead of getting in the way of my living my life.

So, what illnesses do you need to dream away? You know those illnesses that you were told that you had to live with by managing them because there was no “cure” for them according to the conventional medical model?

I am here to let the great majority of you know that your mind when used in the manner in which it was created, can and will allow you to release most anything. I am not saying everything because there are some congenital illnesses that are not going to go away. However, for the great majority of physical and mental illnesses that you were told were unable to be healed, only managed, I am a perfect example of being able to do so with not one, not two but three such illnesses. So, what is stopping you from gaining your health and vitality? Learn how your mind can help you overcome what’s dragging you down so you can finally get on with the fine art living your life purposefully and joyfully.

Learnings From My Journey: Suzannisms For the Mind and Soul

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Learnings From My Journey: Suzannisms For the Mind and Soul
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