Oct 20 2016

How About Never Being Among the 2X Suicide Rate of Health Care Professionals?

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Vol. 384, October 20, 2016 – How About Never Being Among the 2X Suicide Rate of Health Care Professionals?

We, here in America have a very serious problem with those who are treating ailing Americans. In a medical system that has morphed into helping big pharma and the insurance companies  make the greatest amount of income, the health care workers aren’t given the time to really find out what is going on with their patients, never mind  build rapport with them. This makes it very difficult to give appropriate care, leading to the medical system being the 3rd largest killer of Americans.

I have been doing some serious research on this question over the past few months, wondering why it is that those who are there to help and support us, their patients, in our healing, that  many of them are so miserable in their own professions.

Well, the statistics are very sad to say the least. In an average year 400 medical resident students will kill themselves, 15 to 30% higher then the general population, due to the pressures of their schooling and the archaic manner in which they are treated. This is including their supervising doctors, professors and the lack of sleep allowed while one is doing their residency. There is an 80 hour cap on work hours, though the there are some that work 100 hours a week. So, sleep deprivation becomes a real issue here, both for the doctor and for the patient.  Then we wonder why there are so many medical mistakes. Here are some very depressing statistics for you regarding suicide in the medical profession:

– After accidents, suicide is the largest killer of physicians.

– Suicide deaths are 250 to 400% higher among female physicians compared to other professions.

– An equal number of female physicians complete suicide to male physicians, though in the general population, males will complete suicide four times more often then females.

– Medical students have rates of depression 15-30% higher then the general population. Other risk factors for physicians are bipolar disorder, alcohol and substance abuse.

– The greater completion of suicide rates for for physicians most likely comes from their greater knowledge of lethality of drugs and easy access to them.

– Depression still being stigmatized in all cultures, the self-reporting is most likely underestimated. Depression is a leading risk factor for myocardial infarction (heart attack) in male physicians, and may play a role in immune suppression, increasing the risk of many infectious diseases and cancer.

– Another factor to confuse the statistics is the likelihood of a compassionate colleague certifying death from another cause.

– Ironically, doctors are very poor at diagnosing depression in themselves. Particularly where a potential mental illness may be needing treatments, physicians are reluctant to get treatment. Physicians have had this information used against them making it difficult to continue practicing in some instances.

  • Burnout has been correlated to depression in physicians resulting in suicidal ideation.  Of those physicians that experienced suicidal ideation, over 60% were reluctant to seek psychological help. Why? Because they were fearful of losing their license to practice medicine.

  One would want to believe that if they saw a colleague in trouble, that they would point it out. Sadly, this doesn’t happen being trained to be emotionally distant for colleagues and/or feeling temporarily vulnerable themselves. Making the situation worse, when the physicians realize that they need the help, finding it can be quite difficult.

In the world of mental health care providers, the statistics are even worse. The greatest amount of medical students with mental health and abuse histories enter psychiatry. As reported in the American Psychiatric Association study,  physicians with affective mood disorders tend to select psychiatry as a specialty..

It seems that mental health professionals similar to their physical health colleagues are unlikely to seek the help they require and as such, many have never taken care of core issues even after doing all the required work for licensure. This is a huge problem, because many don’t feel they are in an appropriate position to do the work with their clients. Some feel triggered when certain issues similar to their’s arise. Spending 8 to10 hours listening to patients complain about their lives, leaves little time to balance their lives with fun or interesting activities to even out  the emotional energy spent while in sessions with their patients. In elder years, sometimes the mental health workers get attached to their clients using them as a social outlet instead of giving the care required.

Here are the statistics regarding mental health care professionals from Psychology Today article Why Shrinks Have Problems

  • 3 out of 4 experienced emotional issues regarding relationships in the past three years, 60% suffering clinical depression

– A 1992 survey found that 2/3 of the woman experienced some sort of sexual or physical abuse and 1/3 of the men did

  • There was a 51% divorce rate in the times when they were much fewer than now for those married between 1948 – 1964.

– 40% of mental health care workers reported being attacked by a client

  • 1 of every 4 psychologists has suicidal feelings at times
  • 1 in 16 may have attempted suicide
  • twice as many psychologists as other medical professionals commit suicide.

It becomes obvious why it is so hard to find medical care that is competent and even more difficult to find medical care that is caring. We live in a society that doesn’t respect their medical providers enough to allow them the care they need for themselves and their families wellbeing.

That is a crime. Without their knowledge, we as a society are at a total loss. Though to be honest, many are confused in how best to practice, in a system that gives them false testing results for medications, the FDA passing many studies that were not done ethically. That means doctors have no idea what medications are safe to prescribe whenever new ones come out.

The idea of allowing a person to use their own bodily wisdom to help heal is something that is all but forgotten in this western world of medicine. The one thing that I have learned in my own healing journey, is that though the conventional treatments for acute difficulties is wonderful in the United States, those for chronic issues is atrocious.

It is with all of these sad facts in mind that I am going to take a definitive action and help those mental health providers that know inside themselves that they really do require appropriate care to finally access it. I am going to be running  3 Day event in Hawthorne/Manhatten Beach in November for those of you who are serious about getting your mental health in check. I know that you realize that stress is the number one reason that people become ill. Given a person’s predispositions, some disease processes are more likely to emerge with that stress. There is absolutely no reason why anyone needs to continue to struggle feeling depressed, anxious, cycling up and down with bi-polar or dealing with addictions in this day and age. I have worked with clients with all of these issues and for those who followed the protocol, their mental health issues are in their past where they belong.

Don’t you deserve to give yourself the same care? Doesn’t your family deserve to have you feeling whole, loving and fulfilled in your life? Don’t your patients deserve to have you working at your best level of ability? So, I ask you to ask yourself these questions:

Are you a mental health professional who knows that you feel like “imposture” or perhaps just feel hypocritical in giving care, because you know that you require health care for yourself? However, you feel it is just to “risky to get that help.”

Are you a mental health professional that knows that you have had many challenges in life because of issues of abuse or neglect in your childhood, and are ready to finally clear those out of your life?

Are you a mental health professional who has abuse in one or more relationships in you past? Perhaps you were left feeling a lot of anger toward your ex and have yet to forgive and let that go. How do you think that may be affecting your care for those patients of yours suffering in similar situations?

Are you a mental health professional that knows there is something gong on with you, but are unclear what to do about it, which in itself is confusion because of the degrees you have earned that should tell you what is wrong with you?

Are you a mental health professional that is self-medicating by abusing substances, over eating, shopping with money that you don’t have, gambling, or involved in sexual relations that you know are not in your best interest?

Are you a mental health professional that is sick of being stuck?

Well, this is something that I want you to understand: Most of the issues that you are carrying around inside yourself, can be easily let go of with the use of the appropriate part of your mind to do so. I can tell you that going back to 2004 I stopped taking the minimal amount of medication I was on for bipolar 2 at the time due to kidney issues caused by the medication. I never had to go back on any of it, thanks to the hypnotic and NLP techniques I applied to myself, with my psychiatrists blessing.

I am doing a live event in February for those of you who are interested in dealing with this aspect of your life. I know a person, someone who I like and respect very much for her knowledge and care – and yet she left the field of mental health nursing, because of health issues. We can’t allow this to continue. There are not enough mental health professionals for all those in the general population who need it. So, how about clearing up your own crap, and bringing some joy, calm and peace into your own life? Maybe some true fulfillment could be a by product of finally taking care of yourselves.

I say this coming from the perspective of a past consumer of the conventional mental health system as well as an ex-provider of the conventional mental health system. Though my conventional psychiatrist is a lovely woman and a true professional in every way, she didn’t have the resources necessary to clear me of my mental health problem. That only came with Hypnosis, actually Time Line THerapy(R). Because this is the thing, medications are not going to take care of the “cause” of your presenting problem. One has to get to the “cause” of the problem, and in that place, the illness can be irradiated, cleared once and for all, for most mental health issues. Personality disorders and schizophrenia are excepted.

During my event, you will learn how to do these clearings for yourself. Further, be my guest and integrate what you learn with your patients. It is my mission to get as many of you this knowledge as possible, so we can clean up the lives of both the mental health professionals and their patients without the over use of medication, the near uselessness of CBT and other conscious training that just doesn’t work, it being way too difficult for most to commit to. Once the unconscious and super conscious minds are included in the treatment, magic happens.

Care to learn more? Call me: Suzanne at 781-315-1719. We have a lot of work to do, and its best if we get our own houses in order before claiming to be able to help others heal their lives. There is much to be said for living congruently and with integrity.

I look forward to hearing from you and getting your own input in what you feel would be useful to include in this program. As we know many minds acting together for a cause, does much better than a single mind.

So give me a call at 781-315-1719 and let’s get these mental health issues resolved once and for all for both you and the community that you went into practice to help heal!

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