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How About a Body Reset? This is For Those of Us Who See & Feel Ourselves Aging – Carolyn Hansen’s W

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How About a Body Reset? This is For Those of Us Who See & Feel Ourselves Aging – Carolyn Hansen’s Way – Vol. 391, December 8, 2016

For most of us, our families have been the primary focus of our lives. If you have children, you know how great they can be, and how much they can take out of you, needing to be ever present to their needs and concerns.

For others of us, like myself, who never had a family of their own, you may have had to deal with your family of origin, meaning siblings, their kids and of course your aging parents. Most of the time these items come in while you are busy figuring out your own life. And then before you know it, you are in your mid 40’s or 50’s wondering where in the hell your life went and why it is that you don’t have the energy you once did, the flexibility you once had or the strength of will, or of body.

So let’s gain control of our lives back:

1. Get in touch with yourself: Are you neglecting your own needs for appropriate time alone, exercise to get that body functioning the way it can, eating healthy 1 item foods, and getting the rest you require? A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, bringing mental clarity and emotional stability.

2. The “Journey to Health & Wellness” goes like this according to Carolyn Hansen”

Get proper activity in – move your body because it wasn’t ever designed to sit for several hours a day.
Get your mind and body stronger
Sleep better
Stress managed
Feel better
Motivation to eat better
More energy
More motivated and more able to be physically active
Healthy, Happy, slim, Feel-Good, Disease Proof Body
Total Physical, Mental & Emotional Wellness

Lissa Rankin, M.D. realized that the number of supplements one could afford to take, had little impact on her patients from Beverly Hills. Why? Because they were all stressed out. It is stress that is bringing on illness of whatever type you may be experiencing, so it is best to get that stress under control. If you are feeling depressed, depleted, anxious or negative of mind, it is because you are neglecting to deal with the underlying issues that are making your feel stressed out.

How? First by dealing with the fact that you are not taking care of yourself in the manner in which you require to feel well.

3. By increasing your activity even as little as 20 minutes a few times a day by taking a walk or a hike in a beautiful and close to you environment, getting that heart of yours pumping, you will release endorphins that will bring you a feeling of happiness. Your body does that all by itself if you allow it to. Also, by doing this, you are getting your bones the weight bearing exercise necessary to help them to rebuild and stay strong. You are getting your circulation going and you lungs activated breathing in good clean oxygen. That oxygen goes into your red blood cells bringing you energy, helping you to feel alive. Not bad for a few minutes of enjoyable time outdoors.

4, Sleep better by stopping the caffeine and alcohol intake 3 hours before going to bed, never eating less then 4 hours before you go to sleep and turning off ALL your electronics. Grab an old fashioned book to read full of inspirational information or a great story that leaves you feeling great, turning off the light after reading a chapter or two.

5. After you shut off your light, put yourself into a trance state by looking above eye level and allowing your eyes to blink, shut them and then tense and relax each set of muscles starting at your feet and going up to your head.

Next, imagine a spiritual stair case floating in the sky and then give yourself the suggestion that with each step you go down you will double your relaxation.

When you hit step zero bring yourself to a beautiful place either inside yourself, or one you have been to and just lay there peacefully for a few moments enjoying that peaceful time.

Then ask your unconscious mind (because that is where you are now) what is causing the stress in your life? Allow the answer to come in, because it will if you just give it a few minutes to show up for you.

Once you get the answer, ask your unconscious mind what you can do to relieve yourself of this stressor that is in the highest best manner for you and your family (if you have one)?

Thank your unconscious mind and make a note of that information.

You can open your eyes, turn on a dim light, and write down the information you received and then tomorrow you will go about doing what you were guided to do.

You will be amazed at how much better you will sleep NOW!

6. Social support: Man, where would I be now without all the social support I get from my friends, colleagues and some of my family members? Well, to be sure it wouldn’t be a very pretty picture. We ALL need support to help us do what we need to do in this world, especially if we have a mission in life, as I know I do. There isn’t anyone on the planet who did anything of any impact who didn’t have a bunch of supporters, investors and believers to help them through the obstacles, challenges and setbacks that are inevitable when striking out to create something new. So stop believing that you have to do “it all on your own.” And, share your dreams with those whom you trust and love and know love you unconditionally. You never know who is there who will be deeply committed to helping you make your dream a reality, even if it takes a decade or more! If you are hanging around depressed, condescending people, let them go our of your life, especially if they are family who know how to trigger and get the worst out of you. Trust me, doing this alone will free up so much mental and emotional space for your life, you will be amazed!

7. Get out and do those things that you enjoy doing. I love to go to the ocean and people watch, especially while eating a wonderfully meal. I also love making great food and enjoying it with my friends. Or perhaps exploring new places. What do you love to do when you are outside under the sky?

8. What kind of food are you putting into that temple of a body of yours? Are you eating at fast food places, or grabbing the fastest crap you can and then shoving it down your throat because you don’t have time to prepare a healthy and delusions meal and take your time enjoying it? Well, I have news for you. I do cooking once a week. I got into this habit because I offered to cook whole diabetic friendly meals to my landlady. We go shopping for the ingredients on the list based on the menu I created for that week. Then I spend anywhere from 4 to 8 hours cooking. I listen to music or podcasts as I work, enjoying every moment of it. When I am done, I clean the kitchen, bring my landlady her food and know that there is enough to feed me for the week, some of my favorite meals that I would never make only for me. I suggest you figure out a method to getting you cooking once a week all those great foods from your youth that your mom created for you – especially if she was a decent cook as was my mother. Adapt the ingredients to reflect healthy proteins, good fats (avocado, olive oil, nut oils, coconut oil and seeds), low glycemic fruits like berries, high fiber apples, and whole grains – brown and blue rice, whole oats and quinoa. Stay away from simple starches, simple sugars, anything that has been manufactured with ingredients your don’t understand and/or can’t pronounce and stay away from soda, more then occasional alcohol and limit your caffeine intake to keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of fresh clean water, add lemon and cucumber to it to add other positive qualities to that water in addition to flavoring it.

You will realize with these changes, you’ll be better able to focus on what matters, let go of what is getting you down, while feeling a whole lot more energized.

9, Extra Bonus: You want to help your brain? Eat 72% Cocoa chocolate. Mis some grated coconut with unrefined and unheated pure honey, spoon the melted in your microwave for a minute and a half or so chocolate over the little mounds of coconut and honey. – top with some walnuts or pumpkin seeds, place in your freezer and you have a fabulous treat for everyone. This is an easy to do fun project or do with young kids. They will love eating the stuff that is left in the bowels – I know. I do, because I am just a big child anyway!

10. And that is the last part: stay in touch with your inner child – that part of you that enjoys the silly, fun things in life. It will keep you young and engaged in life for the rest of your life. It will allow you to stop being obsessed by the manufactured media news that if believed would turn anyone into a negative human being.

Just remember that we have the choice in what we spend our time doing and with that you have the ability to create a healthy, happy, purposeful life.

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