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Home Remedies for Heartburn and other ways to avoid your Prescription Pusher- Vol.156, July 6, 2012

Article Written by Donna M. Novi explores one of the most insidious issues of medical treatment today explored in “Wake Up Doctors”

[ áddikt ]
somebody dependent on a drug: somebody who is physiologically or psychologically dependent on a potentially harmful drug
enthusiast: somebody who is very interested in a particular thing and devotes a lot of time to it

This is the definition of an addict.

Somehow I think we are all addicts of a sort. We certainly are very interested in feeling well. We want to feel good. No one wants to feel ill. We try our best to stay healthy.  There are times however when a trip to the doctor is needed. There are times a prescription is needed. Just not most of the time.

Perhaps we are one of the millions of people who may suffer from acid reflux. We go to our doctor and within 5 minutes we are handed a prescription for prilosec. Or we are told we can actually purchase this over the counter, no prescription needed. We can treat ourselves.

This is a serious drug people.Yet we take it as if it were skittles.
No tests are done, the doctor just knows and we trust him because we want to feel good. How does he know?

Funny thing is we are most likely doing the opposite of what our body really needs.
We are taking a drug, and becoming dependent on it to get rid of our symptom of acid reflux that is making us feel miserable. We are very interested in feeling good and we spend our lives trying to do so. So we take the drug with the enthusiasm of feeling well again. And it seems to work because it is making us feel better-our symptoms are gone. But as soon as we stop the drug the symptoms come back. We are not healed, just dependent on a drug to feel well. Is this not an addict?

We trust our doctor. We have no reason not to, or do we?

Medication in this country has become like candy. Is there a difference between an addict trying to feel good by taking more oxycontin than prescribed and a person who takes prilosec to get rid of acid reflux?  At the surface there seems to be a difference.  Most people would agree, the person taking the oxycontin is an addict abusing a drug to feel good. I would like you to think of yourself taking that prilosec to stop your acid reflux. I suggest that you too are an addict trying to feel good and stop your symptoms by taking a medication, a drug if you will. Did your doctor do any tests? Did he or she just listen to you and then hand you a prescription? You might think he is a good doctor, but unless he can see inside you, how does he really know?

In most cases of acid reflux what is really needed is more acid.  The stomach produces less acid as a person gets older and what causes acid reflux in a lot of people is actually not enough acid in their stomachs.Taking prilosec or antacids only alleviates the symptoms and not the actual cause. Down the road, these acid inhibitors will actually cause more harm than good. But you feel good for the time being so it seems the doc is right.

It is hard to think of ourselves as addicts, but if we blindly trust our doctors and take any type of medication we are really just that. Medication is just a fancy nice word for drugs when one thinks of it. And one taking a medication for the sake of feeling good is an addict because in most cases we really don’t need that medication. Pharmaceutical companies would like you to think you do to for the sole purpose of making a profit-money.

What is the best medication free way to take care of acid reflux? Use 2 to 3 teaspoons of organic cider vinegar (Bragg is the best) with one teaspoon of maple syrup or organic honey mixed in 8 ounces of water three times a day. Eat a half an apple a half hour before bed and you will find your symptoms going away in no time.

We all know antibiotics are over prescribed to the point that there are now super germs that are resistant to the very antibiotics we rely on to kill the germs that make us sick. Over use of these drugs has caused our bodies to not respond to them any longer. The pharmaceutical companies have to develop more drugs, charging more for the newer drugs that have no generic versions.

We scrub ourselves with hand a sanitizer and try to get rid of all the germs thinking that it will make us healthier when in fact we need some of the good germs to be healthy. We are led to believe that all germs are bad when in fact they are not. It is the good germs in our stomachs that actually keep us healthy and our immune systems in tact.

There is also an overuse of laxatives. Try changing the diet. Sleeping pills are another abused drug in this country. Try self hypnosis or meditation. Aspirin and Tylenol for aches and pains, try massage. Sudafed and antihistamines try simple saline. Statin drugs for cholesterol, try leafy green veggies and almonds and changing the diet.

The older we get the more likely we are prescribed medications to feel good. Just because we are given prescriptions and take these drugs as prescribed by our “doctors” does that make it so we are not addicts?

Most drugs can be avoided if we eat properly and listen to our bodies.  There are a lot of alternative methods to taking that pill. Doctors need to think twice before taking out that prescription pad, and we need to think twice before filling the prescriptions they give us.

If you are having a difficult time figuring out how to lift all the pressures that you feel you have to contend with, a hypnotist would be most helpful to get to the core issues and then quickly help to resolve them.


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