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Healing Losses: The Fastest and Healthiest Way To Do So

LossHealing Losses: The Fastest and Healthiest Way To Do So – Vol. 343, January 14, 2015

Over the years, I have had many clients who have experienced great losses. “Losses” includes everything from several animals and three grandparents of a 19 year old who called saying he was too sad to write his music, to a 18 year old who lost four of her closest friends in the three years previous to meeting with me on a totally different issue. I have had older clients who have lost mobility due to disease processes in their ankles and legs, and I have had others who were no longer able to work because of serious mental health issues. The more interesting cases were those that included a gentleman who told me that he had nothing in common with his father and couldn’t care less for him as a human, and then found out how much he loved and admired him after going through the healing process. Each and every one of these is a loss which needs to be validated and treated.

Now, in the conventional world, this process could take years to heal enough to move on with life. However, with hypnotism all of my clients were able to heal their losses in a matter of minutes to hours depending on the type of loss involved. Interestingly enough, the harder losses were those that limited a person’s ability to ambulate or to work, not a death of a loved one.

So the question you may have now is exactly how I manage to help my clients to so quickly deal with their losses? Well, in the area of a loved one passing away, it is a matter of having that individual go through the process of seeing the person the last time, then hearing about their passing to the other side and then envisioning themselves at the wake (if applicable), funeral and grave side, hearing all the positive things that were being said about the deceased. Lastly, they bring in the love and positive learnings that that person gave them. holding that in their hearts and souls. It is a beautiful and fairly quick process that takes about 15 minutes per lost person.

For those who have lost an ability that most of us take for granted such as being able to walk easily without any pain and for as long as we desire – that is a bit more difficult. The main goal is to allow the person to grieve the loss and then realize that there are other ways in which to find happiness in place of that loss. For the woman whose ankles were losing bone due to a disease she had, she had to grieve the loss of being able to do her beloved dancing as well as no longer being able to walk more then a few feet at a time. In its place she found other activities that she enjoyed and created a life around those activities instead. This was not an easy change for her to make, however she realized that it was a fruitless exercise to continue feeling the emotional pain of no longer being able to do those things that she once loved to do. Instead, she made it her business to lose the 50 pounds she needed to, and she did so while working with me without the ability to exercise, only through changing her diet. So, for any of you who find exercise an excuse to not lose weight, well, here is an example of someone who wasn’t even allowed to swim any longer. She was able to drop the weight, though it took a bit longer then if she could burn her calories as a healthier ambulatory person could.

My 19 year old client spent a couple of hours with me and we regressed him back so that he was aware of all his losses and then we did the grieving work. The next session he asked me for a piece of paper. I gave him a small one not knowing what he needed it for, and he started writing his lyrics right there in front of me.

My 18 year old client, was the original person that I created the grieving of lost friends and family for, right there on the fly. She came in the next week and told me that she felt her friends were with her especially her ice hockey teammate – as if she was on her shoulder as she played in the playoffs for her high school. The next thing that came out of her mouth was that she wanted to become a pediatrician.

So, how do you heal losses? Well, if you are smart, hypnotically, because you are able to gain the love and care of the persons you loved, and heal the ill feelings that you may have had all in a matter of a few minutes time. Seriously, this is one of the greatest gifts my clients receive when we do this work.

I forgot to mention that another very important loss is for those parents who were negligent or abusive. These too are healed very quickly by getting the positive learnings off the negative emotions. The client will most often realize that it wasn’t a matter that their parent didn’t love them, so much as their parent didn’t have the ability to give love, unable to care for him or herself in the first place.

This is usually a very small piece of the larger area of work that I do with any of my clients. However, it is an important one to recognize, because there really is no reason for someone to feel depressed and stuck in life because of a loss.

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