Do I Have a Sex Addiction? Now What?

Sex_addiction_front cover-4With the the proliferation of the internet and the pornography that is there for anyone to find free of charge twenty-four hours a day 365 days a year, sexual addiction is on the rise. Many famous people including Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas say that they have had to battle sex addiction. 

In this book you will be able to figure out if you most likely have this problem with the quiz at the beginning of the book, how it develops which is most likely very different than you would think, and the treatments that are available for it including hypnosis as a safe, fast and easy method to clear yourself of the problem. 

This being a very sensitive subject, misunderstood by most, I want you to know that there are reasons beyond your understanding that created this addiction in you. However, once one is able to take responsibility for one’s self and one’s actions there is genuine hope for being able to overcome this problem regardless of what the traditional practitioners have to say. It is the belief of the hypnotist that all the answers reside inside the unconscious mind of the client giving you the ability to heal yourself should you have that desire. My clients have successfully cleared themselves of this issue, some of them for more than seven years now, wondering how it is that they no longer even think about going on line to search t for the next sexual thrill. This too could be possible for you. Please understand that ridding yourself of sexual addiction only means letting go of a behavior that is no longer wanted because it is unsafe, illegal in many instances and shameful to most who are leading double lives because of it. Your sexuality is a normal part of your being and that is left in tact as is only heathy for you. It is only in the expression of your sexuality that the changes for the better will occur.

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