Jul 11 2013

Happiness Is The Key To Success & You Deserve it

Hanh Dung xinhHappiness Is The Key To Success & You Deserve it – Vol. 207, July 11, 2013

Recently I had the opportunity to hear Marcy Shimoff, author of Happy For No Reason, do a talk on the “5 Keys to Happiness” which I know you will find quite compelling. The first thing that you ought to know about happiness is that there are four benefits that you probably haven’t thought of to being happy. Here they are:

1. Happiness is the key to “success”: The happier we are the more success we have by raising our energetic vibration. The short cut to anything that you want in your life is to “be happy now.” It’s the fastest way to bring money or anything that you want into your life according to Rhonda Burn, creator of “The Secret”.

2. Health: People who are happy are healthier being one-third as likely to get sick.

3. Longevity: Happier people live on average 7 years longer based on a study of nuns.

4.. Money: Happy people earned $750,000 more over one’s life time than unhappy people.

We all have a happiness “set point” – similar to a weight set point. For the happiness set point it doesn’t matter what happens on the outside. For example paraplegics have within a year returned to their natural happiness levels. So the question is how do you increase your happiness set point?

Well, considering Bruce Lipton’s work you can change the 50% that is genetic and 40% that is based on your thoughts and events in your life simply by changing your thoughts and beliefs. Isn’t it interesting that most of us waste most of our efforts on the mere 10% that is based on changing our circumstances? So here are the 5 ways that you can increase your happiness so you too can enjoy the benefits listed above from Marci Shimoff’s research.

1. Don’t believe everything that you think. This is real important because our thoughts are habituated and 80% of our thoughts are negative. So get out of your head and into your heart. Focus on the things that you can do and excel at with all your heart and soul. Power comes from working from our hearts. Most successful executives keep a list of the positive things that happen to them every day. You can also use meditation, self-hypnosis or EFT to help you to shift your limiting beliefs and rid yourself of negative thoughts.

2.The Power of the Heart. People who are happy let their heart lead, not their mind. Do this by:

A) Telling the people around you how much you appreciate them and what specifically you most appreciate about them.

B) Set achievable goals giving acknowledgment for achieving those goals. If goals  are not achieved, do nothing. Positive reinforcement works. The other person feels better, which makes you feel better.

C) Silently wishing other people well. “May you be safe, happy, healthy and live in   peace.” This practice allowed a wheel chair bound lupus sufferer to get out of the  chair and into a healthy productive life.

3) Living your purpose or passion with vision. Your heart is the way to figuring out what your passion and purpose is in life. Only you know in your heart what you are here for. To find the answer, fill in the blank below:

A) In my ideal life I am_________. Fill this in for yourself five or six times to get to the essence of what you are in your ideal life.

B) Next visualize your success. Every Olympic athlete knows that success comes from imagining the best execution of their skills. Somehow few of us spend the start of our day visualizing our best day. The same neurons fire in the brain as if you are actually doing the activity which is why having a vision board works to bring in want you want to accomplish in life. When you think of your intentions think about how they can serve other people, other than just yourself.

4) Our relationships: We become the average of the five people we associate with the most. Are they peoples’ whose emotions you want to catch, because you will. Sam Walton on his deathbed said he blew it. He spent so much time going for success and money while ignoring his relationships, which he admitted was all that mattered.

5) Plugging yourself into spirit. People who are happiest felt they were connected to a universal power source. It didn’t matter what they called it – it was something that was bigger than themselves. We all have an internal guidance system. We have the channel of expansion where we are coming from our soul. We also have the channel of contraction where we are coming from our ego. Come from your soul and you will feel happy. People who believe that the universe is a happy place were happiest. If unhappy things happened, these people would look at it as the gift of the lesson to be learned and then moved on.

An extra key to happiness:

6)  By all means keep your sense of humor. Every time we are laughing we are kept in the moment which will keep us in a happy place.

So if you have an intention which you put your thoughts and actions into, and then let go of how and when the results come to you, you will find yourself a very happy person.

Marci states, “That when people are happy for no reason, they don’t look to their circumstances to extract happiness, they look to their happiness to bring to their life circumstances. You see the world through how you feel. The way you feel is how you view your world.”

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