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Happiness is a Choice – Vol. 140, February 23, 2012

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There is a mistaken belief that in concentrating our energies upon what is not working for us psychologically and medically we are able to provide health care. This is a mistaken belief for the absence of ill health is not health, it is merely a minimum baseline to be achieved. True health comes when their is a sprint in the step, a twinkle in the eye. A joy for life based on the opportunities that one is blessed to take advantage of whether they be the simple enjoyment of a day out in nature, or doing something that is fulfilling such as a creative or exploratory adventure.

It is a sad commentary on the days that we now inhabit with the accent always being on that which is negative. Pick up the news and all you will see is murder, burglary,  mayhem created by natural disasters, political ploys for ever more power, and the dysfunctional behavior of those with fame. The truth of course is that this is a lopsided view of the world projected through our various media which is creating feelings of unhappiness in the masses brought through the anxious feelings one has when they feel a loss of control of their own lives.

Shawn Achor, a researcher in the area of positive psychology, has been researching what it takes to create happiness throughout many cultures of the world to increase the job performance at failing companies. What he found was that a happier person is more productive, more creative, more energetic, more resilient, with less job burnout, less job turnover with an increase in sales. This is true if we are more positive in the present.
Dopamine turns on all the learning in the brain as well as brining you more happiness.

To tell you the truth, I have integrated most of his learnings into my personal life and make it a part of the homework my long term clients receive to help them to turn their negativity into positivity.

He found that if one:

Writes 3 gratitudes per day one can turn around their negative point of view to one that is more positive. This is based on research of Emmons & McCullough, 2003.

Journaling daily about one positive experience that day allows one to relive it bringing happiness back based on the research of Statcher & Penneboker, 2006.

Exercise, reminding one that taking care of one’s body makes one feel better based on the research of Babyak et al., 2000.

Meditation helps one dissolve the “societal ADD” of constant multitasking allowing one to get centered with better focus on one thing at a time.

Random acts of kindness done once each day. Sending a positive message via email to a business contact brought feelings of pleasure. This was based on the research of Lymbominsky, 2005.

These are all rather simple things we can each integrate into our lives to bring a more centered and positive outlook into our lives. If you are so deeply depressed that doing these simple acts is of little consequence to indeed employ a mental health specialist to help you to deal with your deeper issues. There are many newsletters on this website that speak to how to turn negative feelings and even depression around as well as testimonials from those who have employed the services of Dawning Visions Hypnosis, Inc. to live in the present as they create a much happier and fulfilling future. I would caution you to engage with someone who has a demonstrated success record working with this population because the ramifications of inappropriate care can be to your detriment.

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