Oct 19 2017

Hanging Out With The Older Set

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Hanging Out With The Older Set – Vol 426, Oct 19, 2017

Years ago I used to work in elder care, and at that time I learned simple words of wisdom. The biggest goal of a good life is to love and be loved. Put in over 150% each in every relationship you have, so each can help the other during the challenging times for each. Never live a life of regret or resentment, it’s not worth it. Do those things that you want to do, so you never have to regret not doing them on your deathbed. And, let go of the anger and resentment, which I know can be difficult, yet it is your best interest to do so.

However, I am now spending time at the home of a friend of mine who is significantly older then I am. Back in the day, he was into traveling the world, going out to cultural events and eating nice meals on the water. Now, he is dealing with much-declined health and is unable to enjoy doing these things just because he wouldn’t get the care he needed years ago.

One of my friend’s favorite things to do is to drive along the water, looking out into the Sound, looking at the boats and whatever wildlife is to be noticed. As we drive through the area, he is telling me of the wealthy people who live in these amazing multimillion-dollar homes near the water, and all the fancy social engagements of society they attended. It’s in the past tense because the grand majority seem to have either gotten into addictive behavior, losing their fortunes or died of some disease associated with older human beings.

Though, as we pass the beautiful homes and go through some land that is close to a reservation, the herons and condors sit nobly on their perches way high up. Deer are sometimes seen dashing across the open grasses. These animals know how to enjoy the easy way of life, so it seems from our observations. Why is it that we humans have such a hard time respecting our bodies and minds?

In the last week that I have been here, I have heard of several deaths, a heart attack, someone who went into serious dementia and a stroke. All of these people created amazing livings for themselves. However, I believe there is a deeper message here. People who are too busy “doing” and are unwilling to sit long enough to listen to their body’s wisdom, or people who feel their jobs are too important to put on hold for some procedure, or just are unwilling to get the testing that they may need to find the issues lurking deep inside them, may find that their bodies are no longer capable of doing those things that used to be so easy. Walking becomes very hard when you have fluid in your feet and ankles, not allowing for appropriate movement. Going any distance at all is hard when your heart has been seriously compromised. One can’t go for long periods without eating appropriate food, or the body becomes malnourished making the symptoms worse.

Now I realize why my friend would not get any help years ago. The answer is that he feared what the medical professionals would find. He figured that if he didn’t get regular checkups or got himself checked out when he wasn’t feeling very well, he’d save some money and pretend that all would be just fine. He realizes that all these multi-millionaires who are dying could have done better for themselves had they chosen to, as he speaks of the loss he feels from their absence.And yet, my friend is just as guilty as they. He was just a bit luckier, as his issues put him out of commission for eight days, where some of the others left their families behind as they entered the other world.

I hope this episode scared my friend enough to make him follow the special diet that his body now requires, and to take his medication as prescribed. I hope he will take better care of himself, and yet, the only one who can do that for him truly is him. Because, I know that there are many people in his life who truly love and care about him given his sense of humor and vast knowledge, but they can’t do it for him, he has to do it for himself.

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Learnings From My Journey: Suzannisms For the Mind and Soul
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