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Grinding Your Teeth at Night or Perhaps All Day –Hypnotics Can Stop This Habit Safely and Quickly

Vol. 63, April 2008 – Grinding Your Teeth at Night or Perhaps All Day – Hypnotics Can Stop it

During  March of 2005, I had a gentleman referred to me for smoking cessation. You see he was going on a trip to France and wanted to be a non-smoker before he went. This however, was not the primary importance at the time we spoke. He had this other problem that needed to be addressed immediately. About eight years before his dentist had noticed that many of his teeth had been totally worn down. Some of them had cracks in them. He was told that the reason this had happened was because he was grinding his teeth. At that time he realized that he was always grinding his teeth, but had no idea why. He thought he was content in his life. His dentist told him that he would need $40,000 worth of dental work to keep his own teeth. He followed through and had the work done. By the time we spoke, eight years later the teeth were ground down and one would never know that he had all that work done.

His dentist told him that before he was to have any more work done on his teeth he would have to stop the grinding. While we were on the phone the client asked me if we could do anything to stop this destructive habit of his because he really wanted to keep his own teeth.

I found out from a dentist that the reason that people grind their teeth (other wise known as “bruxism” in the dental community) is because they have a lot of pent up anger creating adrenaline to build up in their bodies. The body uses this adrenaline by the grinding of the teeth.  It became obvious to me that the course of action was to find out what was creating all the anger then desensitize the emotional charge on each of the events that was creating that anger. Once that was accomplished the grinding of the teeth would stop.

The first step was to do a Detailed Personal History on my client and found out that when he was in his twenties there were a few incidents that occurred that began this production of adrenaline. The first was that during WWII his father was fighting the socialist in France. He was captured and tortured which lead to his death. His mother was devastated with this turn of events and become very depressed for the rest of her life. His oldest brother was having a difficult time with manic depressive episodes and came after my client a couple of times with a knife trying to kill him. With all of these events my client was forced to take on the role of the “father figure” for his large family. He did the best that he could under fairly difficult circumstances. Though he thought he was calm and in control of his life currently, he did realize that he was grinding his teeth not just at night, but all day long. We now knew why this was happening.

Using a technique where he is able to imagine the incidents that he had experienced earlier in his life in a light state of trance we were able to desensitize him from the emotional charge on each of these negative events in his life. We were than able to reframe the experiences in a manner that he was able to understand how much he was able to learn about taking control of his life and doing what it takes to get through any adversity, while reclaiming his life, for all these things had happened 50 years earlier and had no practical effect on his current life.

A few years after the treatment which lasted all of 5 hours, and he is still not grinding his teeth any longer.

Once we understand why it is that we are doing the things that we are doing, it becomes much easier to let it go. If you have a known problem of grinding your teeth I suggest you find yourself a competent hypnotist and NLP practitioner to assist you to let it go, for this is a very easy situation to get under control with the correct professional intervention.

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