Apr 27 2017

Forgiveness of Self Equals A Better Quality Life

Forgiveness of Self Equals A Better Quality Life – Vol. 411, April 27, 2017

One of the most important teachings of spiritual teachers is the forgiveness of others. However, there is one problem with this idea. That is, that until you learn how to forgive yourself for those things that you feel guilty over, you will never be able to fully forgive another person.

How do you go about forgiving yourself? The simplest way is to recognize the fact that there isn’t a person alive who hasn’t had some regrets in life. It’s called being human.

Second, recognize what you did that brought these negative feelings toward yourself and ask yourself if this is something that you understood at the age when the event happened? If you were very young, controlling impulses or saying things that were not very kind, would be normal. We need to grow mentally to better understand the ramifications of our behavior.

Being at a stage in life when you can recognize the misdeed you did, it’s time to make a decision to never do that thing again, and instead handle it in a better manner.

You can do this by closing your eyes and going back to the event. Look down on the event and find a positive learning. That is, a learning that is positively stated, based on what you currently know about the situation.

Lastly, figure out a better way to deal with that situation. If that situation comes up in the future, you now have a healthier way to handle it.

Because this is a fact: beating up on yourself is never going to change anything. It is a matter or recognizing the negative outcome of the event and finding a new way of dealing with it that will allow you to move on. Forgiving yourself for your trespasses on others and things that you may have done that harmed you, is the only way to let go of guilt and anger.

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