Jun 05 2014

Forcing Better Drug Rehab for Our Addicts in The USA

3235325498_1fed337360Forcing Better Drug Rehab for Our Addicts in The USA  – Vol. 260, June 5, 2014

The issue of better drug rehabilitation has been a primary concern of Dawning Visions Hypnosis especially over the past few years. Donna N. who has written many articles for the DVH, Inc website over the years has been particularly interested in getting the public to better understand the role that hypnosis can play in helping drug addicts to more easily overcome their addiction as she experienced for herself. She brought it to my attention that there is indeed someone out there that is at least doing something to hold the drug rehabilitation centers accountable for their lack of results by getting unbiased studies done with the help of Consumer’s Union, the publishers of Consumer Reports.

The gentleman on the forefront of this is Dr. Thomas McLennan who was a research psychologist specializing in the field of drug addiction at the University of Pennsylvania when his own son died of a drug overdose. It was at this point that he realized that if he as researcher in the field of addictions couldn’t assess which drug rehab program was best for his son, how could an ordinary citizen be able to do so for their loved one?

In the article that was on NBC online written by Tony Dokoupil on April 7th, Dr. McLennan spoke of the many ways that he found that the conventional drug treatment centers fail those that are needing it. He first mentioned that the stigma attached to addiction is a large reason that addicts are given the bare minimum of treatment, many times allowing for a few days to withdraw from the drug or alcohol never getting to the cause of the addiction itself. He further noticed that many of these programs were of a “one size fits all” mentality which doesn’t take into consideration the individual circumstances that lead to the addiction for each participant of the program. Further he states that he 12-step program can do more harm than good as it blames the addict for his/her illness which he observes would be cause of malpractice for any other form of health care.

Dr. McLennan lobbied the White House to get addiction treatment included in the Affordable Care Act as one of the 10 Pillars of Health included in the act. He is in the process of getting the research done on each of the drug rehabilitation programs in Philadelphia. After that he is going to move onto Pennsylvania and then to the rest of the country.

I am heartened to finally have someone with great research knowledge as well as someone who has intimate knowledge of what drug addiction can do when left untreated, being listened to in the highest offices of our land. I know from the work that I do with addicts that they can overcome drug addiction if given: the right tools, treatment that allows them to see themselves as being able to fully overcome their addictions, while creating a compelling future that is so alluring to them that the thought of abusing drugs is no longer a part of their every day life.

My hope is that hypnosis and NLP will become the instrumental tool that is used in helping the addicts to turn their lives around. I have written Dr. McLennan with a few research studies that prove the many ways in which hypnosis has been used to help addicts to stop their habits. In the mean time he is doing more to help addicts get the help they require than most anyone that has been working in the field in many decades.

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