Oct 20 2012

Feeling Naked Under Hypnosis: Myths and Realities – Vol. 171, Oct. 19, 2012

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My web master was speaking to a woman he knows about the work that I do as a hypnotist. She is a person who has been in therapy for over a year. She has been thinking about using hypnosis to make more progress but has resisted thus far. Why? Because she believes that when one is in the hypnotic state, one is fully exposed, feeling naked, nothing to be left private because she will have been under the spell of the hypnotist to tell ALL!

So, let me tell you another story. A story of a client of mine that tells a totally different story of how hypnosis really works:

A few years ago I went to the Whole Foods store to find a supplement that was recommended to me. I asked the clerk where to find it. He showed me where the supplement was located. He asked me what I did for a living and when I told him that I did hypnosis he asked me for my card. A few weeks later he called telling me that he would like to come in to deal with an issue that he had with his girlfriend. By his reportage she had done some terrible things to him putting him into a suicidal state, though he didn’t have it in him to actually follow through with his plan.

He came in for his break through sessions and his tale of woe unfolded. We did all the work that was necessary for him to heal his depression, or so I thought.

A few weeks later my client called me to tell me that he lied about his girlfriend and it was indeed he who had done the nasty deeds that left him without his girlfriend. Could he come in and redo the work? He came in later in the week. We redid the work necessary where he was the one taking responsibility for his actions.

About six months later this client called me to let me know that he had found a very sweet girlfriend that had a couple of kids that he got along well with. He was as happy as could be.

I want you to realize that just because you are in a hypnotic state, doesn’t mean you have given up control of your mind. People can and do lie in hypnosis and I as a hypnotist would not know the difference. In fact it isn’t really my job to know the difference. It is up to you, the client to be real clear as to why you are coming in to do the work, being willing to do whatever it takes to get the results that you have come in to receive. This may be by it letting go of a past relationship allowing for a new one to come in, or letting go of an eating disorder, sex addiction or just some fear that is getting in the way of living a fulfilling and happy life. With any change work “changes” are going to have to occur for life to improve.

Under the hypnotic state one is able to reach the unconscious (not conscious) material to reframe one’s thinking creating much better choices for one’s self. Indeed many times the choices found are simple enough to put into effect once enlightened as to what they could be.

So, is one being asked to become “naked” under hypnosis? I guess the answer to that question is really a matter of how much you would like to resolve your issues and move onto a better life versus keeping your problems and whining about them to get others to feel sorry for you. I can promise you this though. Most people have more than enough to whine about in their own lives and would be happy to have you be a positive force in their lives instead of a drain on their time and emotions.

Hypnotists are not in the business of listening to their clients whine. We are in the business of quickly effecting the changes necessary to the thinking and behavior of our clients so that they can be freed from whatever is bothering them, getting in the way of their living the fullest life possible. So if you want to continue to play games with your professionals, maybe seeing a hypnotist would not make much sense. However, if you are done with having your problems playing havoc in your life, hypnosis is a very good avenue to take so long as you trust the hypnotist to have your best interest at heart as well as having the requisite skill level to help you with your particular problem.

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