Jun 06 2013

Do feel Like You Are A Fake? The Imposture Syndrome

Do feel Like You Are A Fake? The Imposture Syndrome  – Vol. 203, June 6, 2013

One of the more interesting things that I have learned since entering the practice of hypnosis, is how the “imposture syndrome” permeates the minds of some of the most successful people I work with. The good news is that it is a fairly easy issue to clear with hypnotic technique.

First I would like to speak to why it is that this particular issue arises in some of the most successful people on the planet. Then I will give you a case study from a past client to demonstrate the manner in which the clearing occurred.

When you were very little your well meaning parents and teachers may have given you very high standards upon which to work from. In so doing, it may have felt that no matter how good your grades were, they were never good enough to please these persons of authority in your life. So, you continued to work ever harder to please them with better grades and being a pleasing person. Still in your mind you never felt you lived up to those standards. Interestingly enough, what you did accomplish was most likely some high power, well paying position as a result of all your hard work and pleasing personality.

A second type of situation could be at work as was true in my past client’s case. He was a very successful sales manager and yet he thought of himself as a failure. He had two kids in college and one in prep school during the time that we worked together, all of this quite an expense to be able to keep up. However, he couldn’t see this as success. Why? Because when he was a small boy, his father the judge who was well respected in the town that he grew up in, came home and physically beat up his sons as well as verbally abusing them. It was like his father was two different people. He had his well respected professional persona and the very strict and harmful personal persona. The client realized during our work together that if he couldn’t trust his well respected father, than how could he respect himself and give himself credit for that which he accomplished? With this understanding he was able to realize that he wasn’t his father, while giving himself the credit he deserved for doing very well in his life, including a successful career and a loving family. By owning his own achievements he was able to let go of the “imposture syndrome” that had been sucking any sense of fulfillment out of his life until then.

The truth of the matter is that people can be harder on themselves than anybody else. With a deeper understanding and respect of the younger you, for all that you went through allowing for the success that you achieved, you too, can let go of the feeling that you are “faking it” through life. You will be able to give yourself the credit you are due. The result, is feeling proud of your accomplishments allowing yourself to shine more fully, living with the confidence and appreciation that you deserve going forward.


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