Aug 25 2014

FEAR – 92% Of Your Fears Are Outside Your Reality

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Vol.162, August 21, 2012

Fear is something that most mortals feel from time to time. It is even more common for those who watch or read the news with all the doom and gloom that is conveyed there on a daily basis. Unfortunately our American government is also great at creating anxious fearful feelings. As we wait for our rides on mass transit or at airports we are perpetually told to be on the lookout for anyone who may be out to do harm to us and report them to the authorities.

There is something interesting about fear in that most often the feelings we feel are just that, feelings. In truth most of our fears have little to do with reality. A University of Pennsylvania study done around 2005 demonstrated the following results as quoted in the book “True Prosperity: How To Have Everything” by Yehuda Berg:

40% of our worries never materialize
30% of our worries deal with the past (the researchers say nothing can be done about
them, however hypnotically one can do much about flattening them)
12% were directed at other peoples’ business – nothing to be done about them
10% spent on imagined illnesses
8% of worries are to be justified

So the idea that FEAR stands for: False Evidence Appearing Real is true. There are really only 8% of fears that have a chance to create any real issue for you in your life. The rest have nothing to do with how you currently live.

With this knowledge you can go forward and go for those things that really matter to you. Maybe there is something that you are dreading that you have to do. Walk through the feelings of fear to get to the other side. As you do so you most likely will find constructive ways to overcome the unwarranted fears.  An added plus is that you will also find new ways to achieve those things that most matter to you. Best of all you will find that dealing with the fear head on was much easier than you ever imagined it could be. As a result of dealing with that issue you will realize the fantastic feelings of achieving something that was important to you to handle.

Think back to a fear that you had and that you conquered. When you think back on it wasn’t it something that you blew totally out of proportion with what was really required? Or maybe that thing that you feared never came to fruition in reality.  Or maybe one day you found out that the issue was completely resolved because you had the guts to ask someone for a bit of help.

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