Jun 22 2012

Facts About Smoking: What Happens When You Quit Smoking using Nicotine Replacement – Vol.154, June 22, 2012

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There are 40 million adult smokers in the United State with 70% of them wanting to quit. Sadly only 5% of those who quit remain smoke – free after 12 months according to the CDC.
Nicotine replacement therapies were designed to replace harmful forms of nicotine ingested through smoking yet are only “mildly effective” according to the marketing data put out by NicVAX®. According to the research that I have done these replacement therapies are between 3 and13% effective or less meaning that there is between a 97 to 87% failure rate.
NicVAX® is going to be sold to aid in smoking cessation as well as to prevent relapse in a treated smoker. However the vaccine itself isn’t enough to do the job. Maybe they learned from the other nicotine replacement therapies that chemical treatment is not enough to do the job alone. For this reason their own marketing materials say one needs to use the vaccination in concert with behavioral modification counseling as stated in the paragraph below:
“(a) Nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) represent a first generation approach to assisting smokers to quit by substituting a less harmful form of nicotine than inhalation by smoking. NRTs are mildly effective and support smoking cessation in combination with behavioral modification counseling. NRTs come in gums, patches, lozenges and inhalers. Many forms of NRTs are currently available over the counter.”

If you are thinking of using this or any other form of chemical therapy to stop smoking it would be wise to think about the whole solution before going forward with any of it.

In one session you can stop your smoking cessation habit without the chemical reactions causing all the negative side effects one can encounter using the medical solution. I can tell you that if you are willing to invest the relatively small sum of money to stop your smoking habit with the use of hypnosis especially if done in an individualized session with a practitioner who is well versed in this specialization, your success rate will go up to anywhere between 63% and 95%. This would be a much better way to go using the power of your own mind instead of relying on some chemical that may have worse side effects than the even the smoking can have on you.

Chantex for example is being prescribed for smoking cessation to those who have been diagnosed with depression. There is a huge problem here because even the marketers of Chantix® have a black label on the box saying that one can have “…suicidal thoughts or actions while taking Chantix®.” They go on to explain that these side effects can occur upon taking the Chantex ® or several weeks after beginning. One can also develop anxiety, anger, panic, aggression, mania, etc.

My question to those of you who are wanting to stop smoking is simply this: Why would you want to pay this price to have your body and mind tampered with in such a manner when it is totally unnecessary? Why don’t you just allow a hypnotist to put you into a very nice and relaxed state for an hour or two leaving with the problem handled without all the side-effects to contend with?

If you chose to use the chemical methods, you can already understand that some form of behavioral modification is recommended to be able to fully stop your habit. If this is the way you wish to go, using a hypnotist for a session or two is going to be much more cost effective in getting the job done.


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