Donna N’s 3rd Follow-up Testimonial

So, I was miserable in my job and I wasn’t able to get myself motivated to make the change.  I actually did not even realize I needed to make the change at the time. I enjoyed my job, but I was  going nowhere and my supervisor was a micromanager that I found extremely hard to work for. I knew this much, but did not really realize just how much it was affecting my health and my mental well being. My boss was a little “Napoleon” as we “affectionately” called him.  All we, my (co-workers and I) did, was complain about him to one another and share how much we literally hated him. He was depressed and just a “downer” person.

Now, I am a somebody, and I count and I matter. I am appreciated and valued and do a damn good job, but the difference is I am told this by my current boss.

I was able to make this change with Suzanne’s help. She pointed out just how much this one man was affecting my health and how I gave away my power each time I went in to work for this man.

Now, I go to work and I laugh with my co-workers. I enjoy my new job just as much as my old job, but now I perform my job much better knowing I am appreciated by my current boss. So happens, I am up for a promotion in April, which I know would have never happened in my old job. I go home feeling good about myself and I even sleep better.

I owe it all to Suzanne for getting me to do what I needed to do, but was unable to get myself to do. She pointed out what I knew, but also stressed just how much it was affecting me, something I could not really see for myself. 

Donna N.