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Doing Something New – Vol. 99 April 21, 2011

For the past nine years that Dawning Visions has been in operation the website newsletter has been published on a monthly basis. We are now going to publish it on a weekly basis, on Thursdays, going forward. There are a few reasons for this change.

First, Dawning Visions is growing with more offerings with products being developed and soon coming to market as well as increased services. A product page is being created currently for MP3s and CDs to help with the issues of lack of sleep, low self-esteem and increased motivation, fear of public speaking and of course the more serious areas of sex addiction, substance abuse and eating disorders with an ever expanding library of offerings.

Books are in the process of being written for download as well and purchase as well on sex addiction, eating disorders and drug abuse with hypnosis CDs included.

Also, within the last year Dawning Visions has been working with individuals who desire to add NLP and suggestive hypnotism into their businesses as well, offering mentorships that are individually formatted to fulfill the specific needs of the client. The projects that these clients are working on vary from developing product for a whole new business, developing a hypnosis business as well as adding these communication techniques to consulting work.

Second, because there are many items in the news that directly relate to the work that Dawning Visions is doing we feel it would be most helpful to those who visit our site to comment on these issues as they come up in the media. Most currently in the area of drug addiction we have had problems crop up with the use of synthetic drugs being sold as bath salts and other seemingly innocuous products to bypass the FDA regulations. Unfortunately the consumers of these products well realize their true use, creating toxic effects on many of those who are simply looking for a “good time”. There have been at least nine deaths of young people to date with the numbers growing. Interestingly enough 66% of those who use these synthetic drugs are middle aged people, so this is effecting many more people than one might expect, including those who we would least expect to tangle with these substances.

In the area of sex addiction, we have seen many articles of late. One of which spoke to the court case leveled against Match.com as a result of one of their customers being raped by a man she met through their service who was a known rapist, registered as a sex offender. The website is now forcing those to sign up to prove that they are not sex offenders as a result of this law suit.

Another issue that has come up in the last week has to do with some talk of creating an URL extension  of .xxx for those who want to operate businesses in the sex trade. There are large ramifications for the better and for the worse relative to this designation. It would mean that people who want to visit these sites can easily do so, and yet it could mean that we have created yet another way to push the sex industry “under ground” if those who are in it feel that they will be unfairly treated as a result of such a designation.

With a monthly newsletter there is no way to keep you, our readers and visitors up to date with how it is that your life may be affected by that which you may be reading and hearing about in the greater world we all live in. With this in mind we here at Dawning Visions Hypnosis fill the need to fill that void to be of greater service to our community.

Third, I have been introduced within the last month to something that I feel all hypnotists , body workers, holistic healers and coaches ought to learn about called Access Consciousness. This is a modality that was developed by a gentleman by the name of Gary Craig who realized that there were some very easy ways to let go of stuff that didn’t belong to us, emotional garbage is the way I would put it. He has a bunch of “tools” as he calls them that go a long way in helping people to live outstanding lives by releasing this “garbage” from our lives in a simple and straight forward manner.

I have teamed up with the person who brought the teachings of Access Consciousness to me, Doug Turet, who is a gentleman who I have known since I was 16 years old. He told me that this was something that I would find great utility in learning and using given that I am a hypnotist. Being a person who is always willing to give something new a go, and knowing that Doug had a fairly good idea of who I am as a person and my intrinsic values, I figured that I ought to go to the meetup that he had organized with his trainers from San Francisco to find out more.

All I can say is that I was totally blown away not only with the utility of this work, more by the simple elegance of how it all works. I have implemented it into my practice even with the tiny bit of knowledge that I have gleaned so far. My clients from a woman in her late 30’s to a child of 10 years of age have easily been able to grasp the tools and put them to work in their lives making my work so much easier on all counts.

To that end I would like to announce that we are going to have what is called a “Bars Class” here in Haverhill for those who are interested in making their lives and their clients’ much easier. It is a one day course that Doug is running.

Date:    May 28th
Where: Haverhill Center – within a 2 minute walk of the Haverhill Center Commuter Rail
& Amtrak Station
Time:   10 AM till 5:30 PM or so
Cost:    $200


Get more information on Doug’s Access Consciousness page at:


He has an amazing story about how he came upon this work. Also, I can vouch for his total passion in getting the word out about this work.

Please call me, Suzanne at: 781-315-1719 or email me at: suzanne@dawningvisions.com  if you would like to ask any questions and of course to register for the training. The space is very limited due to the venue.

If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to either comment here on the site, or better send an email to me directly at: suzanne@dawningvisions.com. I am always interested to hear your thoughts on that which matters most to you in the realm of how our unconscious mind is being affected in ways that we may not notice because it is indeed un…conscious, isn’t it?

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