Dec 16 2013

Ditch Negativity: Get Aligned with Spirit – Vol. 127, Nov. 24

These past few weeks have been rather challenging for me. Though in the past I realized how to get above most of this stuff, I too am a human and sometimes fall into a zone of disbelief when my world seems to be falling apart from underneath me. The operative word here is “seems” as my very good friend out in Seattle pointed out to me.

While we were on the phone last week this friend of mine was telling me how all her dreams were easily being put into place without much work on her part. She has spirit guiding her intentions into reality. She realized that given the intention that I had a couple of years ago to make my way to Israel without the financial means of doing so and making it happen, that I too could work with my intentions to create the life that I want.

She went on to tell me about Wayne Dyer’s book The Power of Intention. In it he speaks of how one needs to shift from the desire to want something to the belief that they already have the end goal accomplished. This isn’t anything new to me considering this was a basic principle that was taught in the Master Practitioner training on NLP that I took back in 2004. The way it was suggested to have our clients receive their results was to have them imagine getting their goal, figuring out when they knew they had their goal and then to place it in their time line. An example of this for me would to know that I was taking a trip abroad when I was boarding the plane. For you in a similar situation may be when you have your airline tickets. It varies for everyone.

With Dyer’s take on things, one cannot place their intended goals into their time line because Source (the Creator, God) doesn’t work in the time that we give, it works in the time that Source needs to allow the goal to take place. However it would be in your interest to have your intention align with the goal manifesting in a timeframe that would be useful to you.

My message to you is simply this: If you are having a difficult time do get yourself involved in some spiritual practice to get yourself aligned with the greater force of “the Source” as Dyer calls it. It is within yourself and all that is available to help you to attain that which you know is your true calling here on the earth. We each have one and need to get aligned with it. This is how my friend in Seattle has managed to set her dreams into reality – aligning with that which is greater than her and allowing her spiritual guides to show her the way. It sounds as if she is well on her way with the correct people coming into her world to help with all the things she doesn’t know how to do and doing the things that she is shown the way to do making the seemingly impossible possible.

What about you? Are you up to fulfilling your purpose. I know I am and am here to help you to set about helping you fulfill yours.

If there are any blocks blocking you from asserting yourself for the larger calling that is you, please give me a call, send me an email and lets see how we can get you on your true path to fulfilling your purpose.

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