Oct 27 2012

Antistress: Stress Reducer Tips to Reduce Emotional Stress and Manage Your Life – Vol.155, June 29, 2012

Stress is a major part of American life these days. It is also the main reason why people get ill. Many people are working too many hours, stuck in long traffic filled commutes, taking care of their families and sometimes elder parents. No wonder it can be difficult to focus on taking care of yourself.

A few years ago I had a thirty something bank manger come in to see me. Her main complaint was that she was gaining weight unable to do the jogging that she once looked forward to getting in every day.

She told me that she had lots of work to do at her bank. Her father had passed away recently leaving her blind brother living in an apartment buildings her father had owned, a building that was going to be sold. This meant that my client needed to find new housing for her brother as well as deal with the sale of the building and the rest of her father’s estate.

With one hypnosis session we were able to have her discover that she had much help at her disposal if she were willing to ask. At her bank there were three employees that she could delegate good chunks of the work to get done. She had another brother who could help her with finding her brother a new place to live. She also realized there were a few professional people in her circle who could help her to deal with the estate without feeling that the whole project was on her alone.

Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of thought to figure out that you need not be the sole person to handle all that you have in front of you. It is always wise to remember that there are people around that if you were to ask, would most likely be willing to help you.

When my client came back the following week for her check in appointment she was in a much calmer state. She had delegated the work out to others as outlined during the previous appointment. With that done she found that all of a sudden she was able to get back to doing her morning jogs and eating healthier. The weight will now come off in a healthy manner for her.

If you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders do the following:

Write down all the projects that you have.
Look at the list and categorize it according to the different areas of your life
For example: work projects, home projects, things to be done for family members, etc.
In each of these domains think of the people that you have that are able to help you.
Ask each person on your list to help you out.

It really was this easy for my client to regain a great part of her life back by using this simple strategy. Remember that most things of any importance is done by more than one person.

If you are having a difficult time figuring out how to lift all the pressures that you feel you have to contend with, a hypnotist would be most helpful to get to the core issues and then quickly help to resolve them.


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