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Diane Keaton Battled Bulimia for Five Years – Vol. 130, Dec. 15, 2011

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The 1977 film Annie Hall introduced me to the actress Diane Keaton. In her new biography Then Again Keaton tells the story of the start of her bulimic behavior, though she didn’t think of it in that way back then. It was 1968, she was 22 years old, a struggling actress just cast in the original Broadway production of Hair. She was ordered to lose 10 pounds to make her more attractive during the parts where she would be scantily clothed. Upon hearing another actress speak of throwing up the food that she ate to stay slim Keaton got the idea that she too could eat all she wanted if she would just do the same. This illness of hers lasted for five years ending after five years of daily therapy when one day she just decided she was done with the behavior.

It seems that despite Ms. Keaton’s acting abilities and great success she acknowledges that she has suffered most of her life from a fear of failure, low self-esteem along with worrying what others may think of her. Bulimia seems to have filled those emotional holes by soothing herself with huge amounts of food which she would then purge.

Unfortunately much damage to Ms. Keaton’s body was already done by the time she stopped her illness. With the daily purging of approximately 20,000 calories she managed to give herself 26 cavities in her teeth, heartburn, indigestion, irregular periods, and low blood pressure.

Bulimia is an illness that can be treated to the point where one no longer feels the need to do these behaviors. I know that my clients who have suffered from it have been able to let it go without a bulimic thought or behavior for a few years now. This has been accomplished in a matter of a few short months. If you or anyone you know is fighting this debilitating illness first send them to:

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