Feb 09 2013

Defining Normal

Vol. 53, June 2007

A couple of years ago I had a gentleman call me. He was in a very difficult situation because he had gotten himself a criminal record by stealing jewelry from stores in order to feed his drug habit. The only problem was that he was still on the drugs, but couldn’t I help him get his life in order? I received a few calls from this gentleman over the years, always wanting to kick his habits and get straightened out but it was too difficult to not do the drugs. Then one day he called me recently to tell me that not only had he been off the drugs for the mandatory one month I had set as a prerequisite, since I am not a licensed medical person, but he also had the cash up front to pay from a workman’s compensation case he had just won.

He set up the appointments to do his Detailed Personal History and his breakthrough which would allow him to let go of all his negative emotions, forgive anyone who had harmed him, and there were plenty from a very young age when he first started drinking, drugging and stealing and letting go of his limiting beliefs.

He showed up for his appointment on time and offered the cash up front. We spent about three hours on his Detailed Personal History and called it a day. He then did not show up for the following two sessions. I called to find out what happened and he told me he had a slight relapse with some of the pain medication he was taking for his back but would call in a couple of weeks when he was clean again, knowing my rule on this.

A week later he called to reschedule. I told him that if he did not show up for his appointments that he would not be getting his money back. He promised to show up and he did so during a major snow storm. We did the required work to clear all the causes for his problem of drug and alcohol addiction along with the theft. He requested that we do both the alcohol and drug addictions work and as a result after the second session of the addictions work, he had made up his mind that he did not need any of that stuff any more. At the age of 42 it was more than time for him to get productive and live a “normal life” for he never felt normal. School was tough for him, and he never could get the hang of it. He thought he may have some learning disabilities. Though he always worked he never enjoyed it and wanted to take the easy way out. Now he was ready to be proactive in his life. He wanted to prove to himself and his family that he could be “normal”.I He did manage to finish up the addictions work. When I called to ask him how he was doing he told me he was doing “just fine”. When his old friends call he just lets them know that he is sober and not into those activities any more. They seem to be supportive of his choices. He is supposed to call in a couple of weeks to quit his smoking habit for he wants to be healthy. He mentioned this a few times during our sessions, so I am sure once he has the money up front I will receive the call.

I learned something very important while working with this client. He told me that AA was not the place for him for it brought him down. Narcotics Anonymous was even worse because it was a place where one could find the drugs easily. So he was quite glad that he found a different method to get straight and I am happy to report to you that after a couple of months  he is doing great!

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