Aug 04 2016

Could Your Opioid Drug Addiction be Caused by A Vitamin C Deficiency?

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Could Your Opioid Drug Addiction be Caused by A Vitamin C Deficiency? – Vol. 373, August 4, 2016

Isn’t it sad that we have known since 1977 that administering high doses of Vitamin C can help drug addicts to kick their habits. The oral intake of 25 to 85 g of sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) per day in segmented doses spaced throughout each day – along with some Vitamin E was found to totally reverse a drug addiction to heroin. It relieves pain while reducing the use of opioids. It increases mental alertness, visual acuity, appetite, bowel tolerance with general recovery within 12 hours of taking the first doses of vitamin C. It takes all of 4 to 6 days for a complete reversal of the addiction. The vitamin C dosage can then be gradually reduced to around 10 to 30 g per day.

How does this work? Well, the scientists Alfred Libby and Irwin Stone who cured 30 out of 30 drug addicts believe that being an analgesic, vitamin C mimics morphine, fitting into the opiate receptor sites, while it increases endorphin levels, dramatically reducing the withdrawal symptoms, and the body’s desire for drugs. These scientist believe that drug addiction is as much a nutritional deficiency as a physical and mental disease.

An additional benefit of using Vitamin C is it’s being a detoxifyer, which is very helpful for drug addicts.

This is a much better way to go then endless use of methadone, which has it’s own problems: daily treatment, cramping, causing liver dysfunction along with the cost of receiving the stuff. Sadly, after 21 days on methadone, many methadone users still want to use heroin, so it’s not the panacea that the drug treatment centers would like you to believe it is.

The reason that Vitamin C treatment gets little to no coverage is because it isn’t a money maker for the pharmaceutical market. But,that doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t use it and see how they do. Vitamin C is water soluble, so anything your body doesn’t need will be excreted in your urine anyway. Vitamin E is fat soluble so one needs to be more careful with it’s use because it can become toxic to the body. If you are going to go this route speak to someone who is educated in how to go about doing this treatment for you like a functional doctor who works with addicts.

I would also add, that getting off the drugs is only one part of the treatment. The other part of the treatment is finding a compelling future – something that you care about more than being on drugs as well as learning healthy boundaries with others. So, it isn’t a total fix, but the Vitamin C treatment will definitely get you in the right direction, so you can stay off drugs forever should you do a multi-pronged treatment.

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