May 22 2014

E-Cigarettes Are More Harmful Then Helpful

KTS K100 Empire & AGA-T2E-Cigarettes Are More Harmful Then Helpful – Vol. 258, May 22, 2014


Many people who are supposedly trying to quit smoking cigarettes are looking to electronic cigarettes to help them break the habit. In a previous article (link April 3, 2014 article – The Myth Behind E-Cigarettes) I highlighted the dangers involved in using e-cigarettes given the lack of FDA oversight regarding the amount of nicotine that is in them and the flavors and colors used to draw younger people to their use.

According to an article reported by Newsy, April 10, 2014, Study:E-Cig Vapor Affects Cells Similar to Tobacco smoke by Briana Altergott, a study published in the journal Nature shows that people exposed to e-cigarette smoke are suffering from very similar negative side-effects of gene mutation as those from tobacco smoke. These gene mutations may be a precursor to cancer.

There is another point of view that I would like to share with you, one that came from Sam, my webmaster that I thought was most insightful.

Today in the USA we have about 20% of the population still smoking cigarettes. Many have quit because of the societal pressure to do so. Here in the USA people are no longer allowed to smoke in businesses and are forced out in the cold and rain to have their cigarettes. This was mainly due to the negative health ramifications to non-smokers to minimize both the discomfort of many who prefer not to be in a fog of smoke, and to minimize health care cost due to the many medical problems associated with the intake of second hand smoke.

Given the fact that society looks down on smokers, smokers who don’t wish to really give up their “best friend” as cigarettes are known to be by their users, can pretend to be giving up their habit with the use of electronic cigarettes. Given that electronic cigarettes still allow the user to get their “high” off of the nicotine vapors that these devises make, they are replacing one method of ingesting their nicotine with another. It is for this reason that the research doesn’t demonstrate that over the long haul that users of e-cigarettes become or remain non-smokers.

If you are somebody you love really was invested in giving up the habit, the idea of ingesting nicotine in any manner would be tossed aside realizing that the problem isn’t just the smoke, but the damage that the nicotine is doing to their body.

My suggestion is to save your money on these harmful e-cigarette devices and find a better way of stopping your smoking habit. Many can do it cold turkey and for those of you who can’t, hypnosis is a method that relies on your mind’s ability alone – no side-effects will be experienced with its use, so why not give it a try?

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