Jan 28 2016

Charlie Sheen’s Announcement of Having HIV: It’s Time For Our Society and World to Grow Up!

Charlie Sheen in March 2009 Charlie Sheen in March 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Charlie Sheen’s Announcement of Having HIV: It’s Time For Our Society and World to Grow Up! – Vol. 346, January 28, 2016 – 

We live in an interesting and hypocritical society where sexuality is all over the screens we watch and the billboards placed in front of us, and yet, the notion of dealing with the realities of a sexually transmitted disease, is thought to be scandalous to some.

From my perspective a disease process is a disease process and deserves to be treated as such. There needn’t be any stigma attached to it for any reason.

If we as a society are so obsessed with our bodies, how our bodies look, usually to be sexually attractive to the person we choose to partner with, and how talented we may or may not be in the realms of expressing our sexual prowess, why would it be a surprise that sexually transmitted diseases occur and need to be treated – in a respectful and humane manner?

Many years ago, while I was in nursing school, I wrote a paper about the distigmatization of mental illness. My main point was that it was for those of us who have had our mental illness treated and were leading successful lives (within our own definitions) to educate the ignorant about what mental illness is: the negative impact it has on one’s ability to function and in all too many cases, disrupts families, some parents and siblings fearful of “catching” the illness, while educating about the ability to appropriately treat it. 

Of course we do know that many mental illnesses are hereditary, and I have found that, through the use of hypnotic technique, mine is no more. However, my main point here is to bring out the reality check that our nation and our world needs to have when it comes to understanding that no one is “wrong,” “a bad person,” or not entitled to care, especially when we are speaking of a very communicable disease such as HIV. Indeed as a society and as a world, we need to be practical in the manner in which we help these folks to get their medication, and anything else needed to stop the spread of this deadly, yet today, more manageable illness.

When an illness is understood and treated for what it is, no one would be able to extort money from anyone for that reason. It is time for our society to grow up and stop the hysterical, and immature attitudes given toward these stigmatized illnesses, medically treating the people who have them in the best manner we have available, allowing our citizens to be the healthy, productive and happy people with whom we would all love to share our world.

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