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Vol. 84 January 2010 – Changes-2009-2010

Article written by Donna N.

If you are like me you have the tendency to avoid change like the plague. You wonder how the people that thrive on change do it, for some people do love changes in their lives.

Whether you love it or hate it, fact of the matter is change is a good thing to have occur in our lives.

From my experience fighting the inevitable changes that life has to offer you is a waste of time and energy. By learning to flow with these changes I have been able to create some opportunities which I wouldn’t have otherwise.

In the recent past I found my self in an unbearable living situation. I was not happy there for many different reasons, though comfortable in the routine that I had been living for the past 14 years. It was so hard for me to leave the comfort of that routine, that I made up all sorts of excuses why I should not make the move. The longer I resisted the change the more reasons I made up to not make the move putting things way out of proportion. Eventually I came to realize that I could not continue as things were. After the move I realized that the negativity that surrounded me in the old place created the fear in me that I would not be able to afford my own place. That the people I was living with wouldn’t be able to make it without me and many other excuses to keep me in that negative environment that was oh so comfortable for the misery that it brought to me.

Now that I am in my new place I have found a sense of empowerment that I never thought I could realize, the most important of these being that I can overcome my fears and found strength that I never knew that I had, along with an inner calm. I know that if I didn’t make that change things would have continued to destroy me. As a result of the move all sorts of wonderful new opportunities have come my way that I never could have realized had I stayed “stuck” in the resistance to that change.

As we go through life, change is going to come up whether or not we want to deal with it. If we continue to ignore these changes long enough they can create enough stress to ultimately kill. Changes that come up that may seem negative to us, can if we look at them from a different perspective become that which frees us, from what is creating the habits and behaviors that are actually harming us.

It is when we ignore our bodies call for action that all sorts of health issues arise. Some people choose to smoke to release their stress, some people over eat while others will drink, drug or gamble while still others have depressive thoughts or issues relating to anger. It doesn’t really matter how the destructive nature displays itself. What matters is that you listen to what your body and mind are telling you to address and then to address it..

To grow we must embrace changes in our lives. If the change we pursue starts out positive and turns out to be negative, we need to turn that negative into a positive, learn from it and then release it. (see the “Forgiveness” December 2009 newsletter).

I believe that all negative changes can be turned into positive changes with the right frame of mind. Getting to that frame of mind isn’t always easy, especially if one is in the midst of a negativity.

Hypnosis can help you transition through life’s difficult changes by dispelling the overwhelming feelings that created the resistance. It teaches you how to deal with these situations in the future allowing for a much better quality of life.

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