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Dec 03 2015

Why Do 12-Step Programs Fail 95% of The People in Them?

Why Do 12-Step Programs Fail 95% of The People in Them? – Vol. 337, December 3, 2015  Here is one of my favorite subjects because, I know that 12-Step programs are the “go to” places for anyone who is referring a person with an addiction to go to, and they are one of the worst places …

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Aug 06 2015

How Do True Sex Addicts Experience Sex Addiction?

 How Do True Sex Addicts Experience Sex Addiction? – Volume 321, August 6, 2015 Many medical and mental health professionals feel that sex addiction does not exist believing that this “label” is an excuse for infidelity.  For the over 12 million people who suffer with it, including many women, this is a very serious mental …

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Dec 04 2014

What is it Really Like At A Rehab for Sex Addicts?

What is it Really Like At A Rehab for Sex Addicts? -Vol. 288, December 4th, 2014  The information for this weblog came from an article called This is What It Is Like to Lose Everything to Sex Addiction, written by Brian Whitney,, Oct 22, 2014. I share this information with you to give you, …

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Oct 20 2014

Sexual Abuse Lingers for Decades: Is This Creating Issues in Your Life? – Vol. 110, July 21, 2011

It has just been reported that sexual abuse lingers for decades. I would say that anyone who has been a victim of it female or male would have been able to tell you this from the beginning of time. This article addresses the true cost in terms of health and socioeconomic terms

May 26 2014

Hypnosis: A Complimentary Healing Art – Vol. 121, October 6, 2011

There are many times in this space when we speak to the great applications of the work of the unconscious mind using hypnotic technique. However, there are also cases when one needs to know when a specialist of the mental health system is required. Recently, I met with an old client of mine who fits …

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Mar 24 2014

Internet Porn and Sexual Addiction, What is Driving it and What can be Done About It?

Experts believe that between 6 and 10% of the American public experiences real problems with sexual compulsions or inappropriate sexual expression. About 80% of the men who come in to my practice with this problem have some sort of sexual abuse in their history. Hypnosis and NLP are viable remedies to this problem based on the result of my practice.

May 11 2013

Are You A Sex Addicted Woman?

Are You A Sex Addicted Woman? – Vol.200, May 11, 2013 If you are a woman who is fighting sex addiction, I realize that there are few resources to help you deal with your issue. I realized this when I got inquiries from woman who are struggling with this problem commenting to me that there …

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