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Jun 12 2014

Bossy Bosses: How to Best Deal with Them

Vol. 261, June 12, 2014 In an effort to learn how to close sales and better understand my clients’ aggravation in working in the day-to-day life of having a job, I took a part-time job in a telemarketing company. There is little to no integrity there and the pay is terrible for the managers, though …

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Jun 02 2014

045:Bossy Bosses: How To Deal With Them

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Ever dealt with an overbearing, negative and unappreciative boss. Here’s some advice on how to retain your sanity and stand up for your rights.

Apr 24 2014

Transformation of Self Through Work

Transformation of Self Through Work – Vol. 254, April 24, 2014    For many people work represents boredom, hatred, ill will. This is a sad truth for over 75% of Americans who can’t stand their jobs. Many entered their jobs because someone close to them told them that the way to make money was to study …

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Feb 02 2013

So Your Boss Screwed You Out of Your Job, What’s Next?

Suzanne works with a client to help improve his workplace self-esteeem. After discovering his lack of compatibility for office environments, he uses hypnosis to seek the will to start his own business.

Nov 23 2012

Your Employees Not Productive Enough? Here Are Seven Solutions For You – Vol. 176, Nov.23, 2012

It seems that as the economy has been taking a hit of late, more of my clients are complaining of the undo stress they feel they are under at their jobs. In some cases these people used to love their jobs, believing in the mission of the work they do. In many cases they also …

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Sep 16 2012

10 Signs of workplace harassment and the 8 things you can do about it.

Workplace harassment

Vol. 166, Sept. 16, 2012 The numbers of people being targeted by workplace bullying are exploding according to the Workplace Bullying Institute’s report “Effectiveness of Bullied Target Resolution Strategies, April, 2012”. According to their research 58% of the 1,604 employees surveyed say they are being bullied currently and 39% said they have been bullied. Of …

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Sep 04 2012

Your Boss Stressing You Out: The Cost To You Can Be Much Larger Than You Realize – Vol. 164, September 1, 2012

It isn’t in your head if you feel as if you are feeling unhappy and stressed out by your immediate boss. USA Today reported that 75% of working adults say that their immediate boss is the most stressful aspect of their job. Part of the problem is the type of personality it takes for a …

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