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Dec 14 2017

Childless or Not, It’s Okay

Childless or Not, It’s Okay, Vol. 214, Dec. 14,  2017 Yesterday I was reading a blog by another woman who was sick of being asked when she was going to get married and have children. This is a woman who never wanted to be married and didn’t want any children, resenting these invasive inquiries into …

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Dec 07 2017

Dealing with Family During The Holidays

Dealing With Family During the Holidays, Vol. 431, Dec. 7, 2017 During the holidays we find ourselves interacting with all sort of family members, some of whom we may love to be with and some that we would rather not have to contend. If you have a chronic health problem, the stress of the holidays …

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Nov 09 2017

Helping Older Friends & Family

Helping Older Friends & Family – Vol. 427, Nov. 9, 2017 Over the past couple of months, I have been helping an older friend of mine who has been diagnosed with chronic heart failure. There are many things that have changed in his life as a result of this diagnosis, especially as he works to …

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Oct 19 2017

Hanging Out With The Older Set

Hanging Out With The Older Set – Vol 426, Oct 19, 2017 Years ago I used to work in elder care, and at that time I learned simple words of wisdom. The biggest goal of a good life is to love and be loved. Put in over 150% each in every relationship you have, so …

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Oct 05 2017

Who Do You Listen To?

Who Do You Listen To? – Vol. 423, Oct. 5, 2017 Interesting things occur in one’s family when the second of two parents pass away, especially when one has stopped interacting with the great majority of them over a period of seven years, as in this case. I bring this up because you may also find …

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Apr 06 2017

Ending Negative Conversations

Ending Negative Conversations – Vol. 408, April 6, 2017 Think of a time when you were having a conversation with someone who was in your face about something that had nothing to do with the person that you are currently. Perhaps it is an interaction with a sibling who is constantly bringing up embarrassing things …

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Mar 16 2017

Stop the Hypocrisy & Act Your Faith – Vol. 405, March 16, 2017

Stop the Hypocrisy & Act Your Faith – Vol. 405, March 16, 2017 I am staying in a place with several other woman. Last evening a new woman joined us. I don’t know exactly how old she is, but I would say mid 70’s or so. She uses a cane to walk, her arthritis having …

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