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"Claim Your Excellent Life" is a podcast available on both ITunes and Stitcher Radio which focuses on teaching professional women how to achieve happiness while contending with overworked, frustrating lives. Hosted by Master Hypnotist, Suzanne Kellner-Zinck on a weekly bases, the show explains what self esteem is and how to have it, how to relax and most importantly, how to have GREAT relationships. Download them from ITunes or Stitcher Radio Now.

Dec 16 2013

021:John Gray Interview – Part 2 of 4

Dr. John Gray discusses why he chose to use nutrition to clear himself of Parkinson’s Disease declining his doctor’s treatment, the 3,500% increase of mental illness in America due to the non-healing quality of psychotropic medications, what is needed for brain health, the research of Dr. Hans Nieper healing mental illness with minerals, his new …

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Dec 09 2013

020:John Gray Interview – Part 1 of 4

Dr. John Gray explains how his years of being a monk gave him a unique perspective of what makes healthy primary relationships. He also speaks of finding his authentic self, why he became a psychologist, and manic depression. (Go to the Youtube channel: Suzanne Kellner-Zinck to play the video version of this interview.) Tune in …

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Dec 02 2013

019:How do I go about meeting a mate that is worthy of my respect and love?

Most people experience the basic human desire to find a mate and have a happy relationship. Find out what you need to pay attention to during your search. The answer may surprise you.  

Nov 25 2013

018:How Many People Are Truly Happy?

What practical actions can you take that will move you toward experiencing more happiness in your life? Find out in this podcast.  

Nov 18 2013

017:Ever felt like there is a cloud over your head? Learn how to dispel them before they become storm clouds.

Ever felt like there is a cloud over your head? Learn how to dispel them before they become storm clouds.

Nov 11 2013

016:How Does Relaxation Build Health and Wellbeing.

Learn how to relax in a stressful, chaotic, absurd world.  

Nov 04 2013

015:How Well Am I treating myself, talking to myself, feeling about myself?

In this podcast we discuss the ways in which we learn to verbally “put ourselves down” and what to do to turn that around. Starting with this episode I am going to be using a different format. I will just be speaking to you naturally on the subject of the podcast.

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