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Oct 30 2014

Are You a “True Friend?”

Are You a “True Friend?” -Vol. 283, October 30, 2014 Taking a great leap of faith, leaving the Boston area after 35 grueling years of ill health, lack of success in my chosen profession and the break up of a 20+ year marriage, I drove myself across the United States. I took this trip on “a …

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Oct 23 2014

Why Do Our Docs Hand Out Psychotropic Medication So Easily to Our Children: The Side Effects Are Harming Them

  Why Do Our Docs Hand Out Psychotropic Medication So Easily to Our Children: The Side Effects Are Harming Them – Vol. 282, October 23, 2014 It seems that with the use of the bible of the mental health professionals, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental Disorders, that even the most of normal emotions and …

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Oct 20 2014

Sexual Abuse Lingers for Decades: Is This Creating Issues in Your Life? – Vol. 110, July 21, 2011

It has just been reported that sexual abuse lingers for decades. I would say that anyone who has been a victim of it female or male would have been able to tell you this from the beginning of time. This article addresses the true cost in terms of health and socioeconomic terms

Oct 16 2014

Heal Our Children, Heal The World

Heal Our Children, Heal The World  – Vol. 281, October 16, 2014 I have been thinking a lot lately about how best to be a channel of healing for our world. The answer was right in front of me really. I realized that through my work with kids who are around 9 to around 23 years …

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Oct 13 2014

The Dangers of Over Prescribing Placebos and Narcotics – Vol. 98. April 2011

The twin dangers of prescribing placebo drugs and over prescribing pain medication is leading to a 500% increase in admissions to substance abuse programs and 400% increase in accidental deaths. This article explores both the larger ramifications of our medical community’s unbelievably destructive protocol in the effort of shaving off some necessary office visit time, and a better way to get the help you or someone that you may love may need.

Oct 09 2014

Why Not Change “State” To Become Fully Empowered?

Why Not Change “State” To Become Fully Empowered? – Vol. 280, October 9, 2014   For many of us we are spending way too much time devouring the sad and depressing news that the media feeds us daily, usually in the morning and the evening right before going to bed. These are the very worst times …

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Oct 06 2014

How Committed Are You To Feeling Better? – Vol. 109, July 14, 2011

Are you willing to get rid of all the excuses as to why it is that you are unable to follow your health care practitioner’s advise for what it takes to feel better? Donna N. tells of what it took for her to succeed at her treatment.

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