Feb 09 2017

Can Depression be As Dangerous As Being Fat

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Can Depression be As Dangerous As Being Fat? – Vol. 400, February 9, 2017

The World Health Organization states that 350 million people worldwide are affected by depression. Depression has been found to be a risk factor in cardiovascular diseases. This according to Professor Karl-Heinz Ludwig from Technical University of Munich as reported int thesun.co.uk.

The question that was being asked was what was the relationship between depression and other risk factors such as tobacco smoke, high cholesterol levels, obesity or hypertension?
Professor Ludwig did a study of 3,428 male patients between the ages of 45 and 74 to find out.
He said that depression accounts for about 15% of cardiovascular deaths.

So, depression is a major health risk for many people. However, depression isn’t that easy to diagnose. Just because a person looks depressed, doesn’t mean that they have the mental health type of depression. There are many other ways that people can have a depressed state of being.

My suggestion is for people to have their hormonal levels checked first. If your thyroid is slowed down the entire system can become depressed.

People with leaky gut, will not metabolize their food correctly, which will leave them unable to form the amino acids necessary for the development of neurotransmitters.

If one is eating a lousy diet, without the total constellation of vitamins and minerals necessary to feel positive and energized, this too can cause something that looks like depression.

And, sometimes people are just sad. Maybe they had a loss in the family, and are feeling down.

So, check into these causes of depression as well, because it is important to get to the cause of the problem, before treating it in a misinformed manner.

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