Apr 20 2013

Boston Marathon Bombings: How To Best Deal With This Tragedy For You and Your Kids

boston-strongBoston Marathon Bombings: How To Best Deal With This Tragedy For You and Your Kids – Vol.197, April 20, 2013

The Boston Marathon being a long and treasured event in our country’s history, it is doubly sad and angering when it is used to create harm. However, what I would like to focus on in this weblog is how to best respond to this tragedy in a healthy manner.

1)  Limit or totally turn off the television to keep yourself from being negatively affected  by the massive media coverage. The reason that this is important is because your unconscious mind will take in all this negative reportage building up your feelings of anxiety and depression each time you see and/or hear a report.

2) Understand that we are unable to control every aspect of our lives. We are only able to respond to the events as they unfold.

3) If you feel yourself feeling tired, depressed or anxious get yourself some professional assistance to help deal with the trauma. It is much easier to handle when you share your experience with others.

4) Children under the age of 7 will not understand how rare this sort of event is, so do what you can do to let them know that they are safe.

5) Always validate your child’s feelings. Let them know that their feelings make sense and that it is okay to feel whatever they are feeling.

6)  If you aren’t sure what your child may be feeling just ask them what they heard and what they think. Then ask them how they are doing. Validate their feelings.

7)  If your child knew someone who was injured or killed be truthful about it. Always make sure to let them know that you are okay and as their parent you aren’t going anywhere.

Unfortunately we will have some distressing events occur over our life times.The best way to handle them is to be realistic about its effect both on ourselves and those whom we care about. Be loving and supportive to yourself and your loved ones. Always be willing to seek professional help if the quality of your life or a loved one’s life is being adversely affected.

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Be Boston Strong on the Inside

Trauma is something that is rather easy to desensitize one of with the use of hypnosis. If you were impacted negatively as a result of the horrific actions of the bombers of the Boston Marathon, please give Suzanne a call. Inside of two sessions you will find yourself no longer traumatized, the charge of the negative emotions being lifted and your life will be able to go on.

Be Boston Strong NOW!
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