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Book on Motivation:You Ought To Write A Book About Your Life: So I Did – Vol. 141, March, 1, 2012

I was attending the second day of my NLP (neuro-linguistic programming ) Master Practitioner training, back in summer of 2004, when a woman in her 60’s approached me. She said in an excited voice “I want what you have. Would you be willing to do the 8 hour intervention with me. I don’t trust anyone else in the room to work with me.” I of course was humbled by her asking a total stranger to work with her, especially after I found out that she had been in the NLP Practitioner training the previous week. There were a good many of the students from that previous training who were in the current training with us, and I wasn’t having taken the training the previous summer. I told her, “Sure, you are the first to approach me and I would be honored to work with you.” This of course was what she wanted to hear, however I totally meant it.  Well, it was this same woman, Sandra, who finally cleared me of the bronchial asthma that had been creating quite a difficult time for me, which the doctors couldn’t. She put me through each of the 32 interventions that we learned by the time we got to do the 8 hour intervention on each other. She meticulously put together the treatment plan that she was going to use, while consistently asking for assistance from the assistant coaches in the room who were there for just that purpose.

I am pleased to tell you that all these years later my asthma is under such good control it only creeps up when I am over tired usually from working too many hours, or feeling hurt by someone who is close to me. Just goes to prove that asthma may have a physical response, yet is most definitely set off by emotional triggers, usually stress.

It was toward the end of the training after we had completed our interventions on each other that Sandra had suggested that I write a book of my life’s experiences after having learned my entire history through the process of doing that 8 hour intervention with me. I thought it a strange thing to be suggested at the time because I was not even 43 years old yet, and figured that to have anything of any real value to give others I ought to at least be 50 years old – you know lived long enough to gain some true wisdom along my journey. Maybe perhaps having achieved something worthy of being written about.

Well, earlier this week I surprised Sandra by sending her the link for a copy of the downloadable book. A gift I gave her since I acknowledged her within it letting her know that she had a little something to do with my actually writing the thing.

I found out that she was in the hospital under going a procedure when I sent the book to her earlier in the week. She told me this in a phone call she made returning my call letting her know that there was a surprise waiting for her in her email “in box.”

It was several years later, six to be exact, that Donna Novi would make the fabulous suggestion that I write a book based on what she referred to as “Suzannisms” reminding me of all the pages of emails we exchanged over the course of the work we did together the previous year. She thought that the words of wisdom I shared with her during those unhappy and frustrating days of hers were most helpful and more importantly to her, uplifting. She went on to suggest that there were probably a hundred pages she had printed out over the course of our work together. She had high lighted the bits of wisdom that she found to be helpful to find them easily in the mass of papers she had collected. She went on to say that she thought that others would find these ideas helpful as well and to go ahead and write a book based on them. It was a perfect answer to the question of how to go about writing a book about my life. Yes, I have indeed had an interesting life never developing speech normally, needing tons of extra help to make it through my formative years of schooling. There were many health issues that I had to contend with both emotional and physical in nature, along with manifesting dreams of traveling to places across the globe that somehow even without the financial means I managed to make happen. Most of all though, Sandra and Donna felt that I had something worth sharing with the greater world each with their own idea about what that may look like.

Well, Sandra was of course touched by my remembering her influence all these years later by including her in the acknowledgements of the book though she hasn’t had a chance to read the book yet. Donna absolutely loves the book, as well she should given that it was indeed dedicated to her for having such a brilliant concept – so much better than the hypnosis book that I couldn’t even figure out appropriate chapters for at the time I was trying to write one.

Learnings From My Journey: Suzannisms for the Mind and Soul (subtitle created by Donna of course) is my contribution to the collection of books out there that were created to inspire and motivate at the same time. It is really a book of essays varying from half a page to several pages in length which can be read either in order or based on the titles that you feel moved to read. At the end of each essay I share the learning I received from the wisdom I gleaned. At the end of some of them you are given some questions to help you, the reader, assess your own life’s circumstances helping you to make better choices for yourself.

Do understand that metaphor, which is all a story is, is indeed the best way to learn given that stories well written, could be what one could call “mesmerizing”. So named for Franz Anton Mesmer, a medical doctor and hypnotist from the 1700’s who was well known for his healing through what is now known as hypnotism. Being a hypnotist myself, I would of course use whatever techniques work the best in the most subtle of ways, as your emotions are heightened by my sharing my life’s journey with you.

By the way, do be apprised that if your emotions are heightened you are in a hypnotic state where suggestions for good or ill easily by pass your critical factor of your conscious mind – the very definition of hypnosis. So be aware of that which you allow into your life, working to allow only the most constructive of information to enter your mind and shut out the rest. It is the power that you have by choosing what you listen to on the radio, TV and computer as well as who you choose to surround yourself with. Choose wisely.

So I invite you to go over to the Dawning Visions Hypnosis website store http://dawningvisions.com/store/ where you can easily get your own copy of Learnings From My Journey: Suzannisms for the Mind and Soul. It is priced at a reasonable $8.97, affordable for anyone. You can also get it from amazon.com for the Kindle.

At dawningvisions.com/store/ You will also find a collection of books there written by others about the world of hypnosis and NLP easily understandable by the lay person, as well as many MP3s that I recorded using the same techniques that I use in person with my clients. This will give you an affordable way to see just what you are able to do with that magnificent mind of yours, that you can purchase for download, or suggest for a friend or relative that may be going through a stressful time with one of the many issues that are covered in the various MP3s.

Do come by the store frequently over the next few weeks because there will be other books added, a few written by me in addition a larger library of MP3s that will be recorded, some for very young children to help them with their various fears.

Creating these products for you continues to be a great joy, educating you about the fabulous results you can have just by having a better understanding of how your mind really works along with giving you the tools and techniques to access the innate power that nature endowed you with to use to create the life of your dreams.

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Learnings From My Journey: Suzannisms For the Mind and Soul

Learnings From My Journey: Suzannisms for the Mind and Soul is a book of essays based on the wisdom gained through those who have touched me through my own journey in life. Purchase an inspiring copy today from the Dawning Visions Hypnosis Store.

Learnings From My Journey: Suzannisms For the Mind and Soul
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